Monday, July 23, 2012

An Important Announcement...

Today marks three years since I started Jay's Musik Blog. Ever since July of 2009, I've enjoyed writing reviews and articles, conducting interviews, holding giveaways, and getting to know my readers.

I could never have imagined how far this would come. What started as a hobby on an ugly template ended up in an official domain, and I had the honor of being quoted in media press releases, conducting interviews, meeting artists, along with other amazing honors.

However, as it was three years ago today since I began my site, I also believe that it marks a new chapter in my life. As hard as it is to say, the time has come for me to move on from Jay's Musik Blog.

Many of you have told me that Jay's Musik Blog is your favorite Christian music site online, and I am honored by the support I've received from my readers, particularly over the last year and a half. God did some amazing things, and I watched my site blow up into a reputable site. It is sad to say goodbye to this, but I am very excited to see what God is going to do in this new chapter of my life which He has already written out.

So what does this mean? It does mean that this is the end for Jay's Musik Blog, but it does not mean that you will not see me online anymore. For one, you can still find occasional reviews that I will write on my page, which you can find here. You can friend me there, on Facebook, or even follow me on Twitter (I follow back) -- I would love to connect with you and continue our friendship.

So before I say goodbye, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped support Jay's Musik Blog in any way. Whether it be through a blog follow, uplifting comment, an email, or a like on my site's Facebook page, I appreciate you all! Thank you for making three years so memorable for me. I hope to continue connecting with you through the means above.

Thank you again! Many blessings to you all.
-- Jay Wright

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Britt Nicole's Magnificent Summer Giveaway!

Britt Nicole has a cool giveaway going on for her girl-fanbase! One winner will receive the entire Britt Nicole collection, along with a gold sequined bag, one collection of luxe bath and beauty products, one set of five summer Essie nail polish colors, one gold embroidered clutch, one large cosmetic case, one small cosmetic case, one summer beach towel, one pair of designer sandals (color and style will vary according to shoe size of the winner) and one fashion pendant. Wow! That's a $250 value.

To enter, you simply have to like Britt Nicole's Facebook page, and head here to enter your information. The giveaway only runs through Friday, the 20th, so hurry and get your entry in! Also, by entering you are signing up for EMI Music and Britt Nicole's email updates, but you can opt out at any time. Have fun entering!

Unspoken: "Who You Are" Acoustic Performance

Check out Unspoken's brand new video, where they play their single "Who You Are" in acoustic style! You can also read my review of the band's debut EP Get to Me, here. Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Details on TobyMac's "Eye On It" Album

Check it out! TobyMac released the cover and back arts of his new album Eye On It, out on August 28th! It looks like it's going to be an awesome album, too, as it features Blanca from Group1Crew, Lecrae, and Jamie Grace! Pretty awesome:

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Group1Crew Announces New Album, Fearless

Group 1 Crew announced on their Facebook page yesterday, that their new album is going to be titled Fearless, and will be releasing on September 10th! The cover art and track listing can be found below. Also, the music video for "He Said," featuring Chris August, will be premiered on starting next week, the 16th! You can find a sneak peak of the new video below as well.

Click to enlarge!

Fearless track listing:

1. His Kind of Love
2. The Difference
3. He Said (feat. Chris August)
4. Dangerous
5. Goin Down
6. Fearless
7. Night of My Life
8. Mr. & Mrs. (I Do This For You)
9. Darkest Valley (feat. Flame & Thomas Ware)
10. Not The End of Me
11. Freq Dat
12. Stepping Out
13. Forsaken

Rhett Walker Band: Come to the River Review

The number of Southern Christian rock bands is few and far between. You have NEEDTOBREATHE, Decemberadio, Third Day, and at times MercyMe, but the Rhett Walker Band arrives on the scene with their debut Come to the River that meets that unpopular genre of music.

Besides being a ten-track album of great Southern rock tunes, Come to the River also tells of Rhett Walker’s testimony. Like many today, Rhett grew up in the church. As a preacher’s son, he knew God and even played in the church worship band, but he left the church for his own desires when he was 16. By 17, he had been expelled from school and he and his girlfriend already had a child. These unexpected results of his bad decisions left Rhett looking back to Jesus for grace and forgiveness. That is the story of the Come to the River album, fronted by the album’s single “When Mercy Found Me.”

Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Video: Jamie Grace -- "Come to Me"

Here is a brand new music video from Jamie Grace! It's for her song "Come to Me," from her album One Song at A Time, and since the song is based on a conversation between Johnny and Joanne Cash, the video features Joanne at the beginning. Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

House of Heroes: Cold Hard Want Review

Just about two years ago, Gotee Record’s polished rock band, House of Heroes, released their third album, Suburba, with the label. Featuring the singles “Elevator” and “Constant,” this Dove-nominated album drew me into the hard rock this band had to offer. Other songs, including “God Save the Foolish Kings” and “Independence Day for A Petty Thief” were inviting with their haunting, somewhat futuristic effects.

Now, two years later, House of Heroes is back with their fourth Gotee Records’ project, Cold Hard Want. Though the band admits the project is more simple than previous efforts musically and more definitive lyrically, Cold Hard Want simply is, in all ways, a step up from their previous album. The album title reflects going through the fire and coming out gold. Through the tough times economically, the band decided who they were and what their goal was with their music, and they are clearly unafraid to show it through this album.

Introducing Katie Gustafson Review

Katie Gustafson is a Nashville-based therapist. It wasn’t until her high school years and her family’s move to Nashville that Katie began writing her own songs; and it was a few more years later, after her graduation from college with a counseling/ psychology degree that she began recording her songs. Introducing Katie Gustafson is her debut EP with Kingsway Records.

If several of the songs off this Introducing… EP sound familiar, it’s probably because “Isaiah 55” and “Be Still My Soul” both appeared on Leigh Nash’s Hymns and Sacred Songs album last November. These songs are Katie’s, and hearing them sung by the original writer is definitely a treat!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Unspoken: Get To Me EP Review

Unspoken is Centricity Music's newest signing. Like many artists we've been hearing about lately, Unspoken has been an independent band for a few years, bringing fan favorites to the table with their signing to a national record label. Get To Me is the band's debut EP, and it reflects on the contemporary rock band's lead singer Chad Mattson's powerful testimony. Not only did God deliver him from an alcohol addiction, He also revealed His plan to Chad on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where he met Unspoken's guitarist Mike Gomez. Because of that, Get To Me contemplates the intense love of God toward us in a very fun way.


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