Tuesday, May 2, 2017

JJ Heller: This Little Light of Mine

Today, JJ Heller released a new music video for "This Little Light of Mine." This video is special to JJ for two reasons: One, this is the first single JJ has released since using Patreon. Through Patreon, fans of JJ's pledge a certain amount of money per month to help her make her music and receive special rewards for each level they pledge. You can become a patron of JJ's music and find out more about her latest work on her Patreon page here

Second, this video showcases the work of World Vision, as they provide food and clean water for villages in third world countries. Watch the video below, along with the song explanation from JJ:

"When you woke up this morning, did you drink a glass of water, wash your hands, or take a shower and wonder if it could harm you in any way? If you're anything like me, the answer is no. But, for millions of girls and women around the world, fetching water (often from a dirty pit in the ground) is a dangerous and time-consuming task.
I've heard this statistic many times, but it wasn't until I saw a video of a child the age of my daughters walking to her daily water source that my heart finally connected with how horrific life without access clean and safe drinking water can be. But I'm also thrilled to partner with trustworthy people working hard to bring clean water to a new person every 10 seconds! I love Team World Vision!
I hope my new video for "This Little Light of Mine" is an inspiration to you and those you share it with. The video was made possible in part by 128 Patreon patrons who pledged anywhere from $1 to $100 each time I release a new song or video.
Thank you for helping me bring beauty and light to the world! -- JJ"

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  1. Awesome music video and I love it. It is good to see the support World Vision. As they do so much to help out children in other countries. Thanks for sharing :)


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