Friday, June 29, 2012

Young Oceans Review

Young Oceans Album Cover

In 2009, New York City’s Trinity Grace Church released a live worship album titled Without End, followed by We Sing As One in 2011. After this, a group of musicians and parishioners from the church gathered in a SoHo apartment where they began, despite their differences, playing renditions of their church’s worship songs. Today, they are known as Young Oceans, and the band recently released their self-titled debut, an album full of reflections and modern-day hymns.

The album itself is mellow and serene, making for a perfect album to play in your quiet time with the Lord. Every song sounds like a hymn, and even the vocals sound a bit blurred, which may be disappointing for those who listen to it during non-devotional time, but will be perfect for worshiping the King of kings in your quiet time.

An invitation for the Lord to come and stir in our hearts, “Come Holy One” starts of the album with nice strings and a light drumbeat, followed by “We Sing as One.” At first, the track is mellower than the opening track, but I love how the strings built up after the bridge. The unity sensed in this song is also very inspiring.

I thought I might hear a rendition of Chris Tomlin’s classic song with “Great is Our God,” but I was surprised that it was an all-new song! Here, the vocals reminded me of Benjamin Dunn, and with nice plucking guitar the timeless praise and worship song was very heavenly. Speaking of not being afraid in the times of trouble, “I Will Be Still” is practically Psalm 46 put to Scripture in a little bit of a swing style.

“None But Thee,” a little more upbeat, and “You are Alive,” more melodic with beautiful harmonies, are both very contemplative of the goodness of God, while “Nothing Beside Jesus” is very Scriptural, a prayer that we would know nothing except Jesus Christ and Him crucified, as Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:2. This particular track is very emphatic, building as it goes along, even though it is mellow, and the simplicity and beauty of it is mind-blowing.

“Lord of All” follows on the same note, while “Hope of Glory” is almost nine minutes long. It’s a very deep prayer for more of God’s glory in our lives, as it combines many Scriptures together. It also is probably one of the most upbeat tracks on the album as far as strong guitars. Halfway through, it sounds as if it is going to end, but it instead gradually builds back into the song, which is pretty cool. Remembering that the darkest night can’t stop the glorious light of the Lord, “O Darkest Night” ends the album on a serene note, though the magnificent choirs and harmonies put a spectacular twist to this closing track.

Young Oceans’ debut is serene, peaceful, and simple, yet very worshipful. As I stated, this is fantastic album to add to your collection if you’re looking for worship music to play in your quiet times. There aren’t any extremely upbeat tracks here, so it may appear a bit repetitious to the listener; but the album definitely ushers in the presence of God and is very tranquil.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: April 3, 2012

Track listing:
1. Come Holy One
2. We Sing As One
3. Great is Our God
4. I Will Be Still
5. None But Thee
6. You Are Alive
7. Nothing But Jesus
8. Lord of All
9. Hope of Glory
10. O Darkest Night

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