Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Rocket Summer: Life Will Write the Words Review

Remember that ridiculously catchy radio song a few years ago, titled “So Much Love”? That was Bryce Avary, better known as The Rocket Summer. After several very successful albums and many tours, The Rocket Summer releases his very first album on his self-created record label, Aviate Records. This endeavor, as Bryce puts it, will allow him to release music whenever and however he wants to, and I’m sure fans will quickly receive his catchy pop music.

Life Will Write the Words begins well with “Run and Don’t Stop” and “Revival.” Both have irresistibly catchy tunes, the first being more characterized by Bryce’s rough vocals and strong guitars, and the latter more of a piano pop track. They also both do a great job boasting on behalf of The Rocket Summer’s eclectic lyrics and the fill-ins that make sure no track is incomplete.

“Prove It” features a synthetic, hand-clapping-like drumbeat, as Bryce brings out the great point amongst the excellent guitar riffs and enjoyable piano pop, that too many people are trying to prove to the world that they are something they are not. Less focused on the music as much as the lyrics, “Old Love” speaks of how wonderful it would be to grow old in love. He boldly states: “I want to love like my grandfather loved his wife, but I got some problems with the way I tick/ we are addicted to the world and we want more of it/ my generation heard of old love and commitment, but did it stick?” Thought provoking, indeed!

A sweet love song with a wonderful bouncy-piano backing, “200,000” miles speaks of going all out for the one you love: “There are not one, but two hundred thousand miles on my car/ to be with you I’ve driven far, but I loved you that much. In addition to the music, the lyrical repetition that always makes for a great sing-along makes “200,000” my personal favorite off Life Will Write the Words. “Just For A Moment Forget Who You Are” slows down significantly, speaking to someone whose nemesis is the mirror, assuring them that they can overcome the odds, and that they were made for greatness.

“Circa ‘46” contains the fun tempo of the majority of the songs on this album (piano pop), and also brings into play the album title The Rocket Summer chose for this CD: “Life will write the words, but you choose your own melody/ yes, life has given me hurt, but I chose my own melody/ and sometimes it’s that sad, sad song I’m singing all day long/ I’m just trying, trying to find the right notes.” Bryce also experiments with higher vocals, which is rather cool. “Underrated,” along the same note is Ecclesiastical, mostly enjoyable for its melody.

With mostly acoustic guitar, “Soldier” is heavenly, speaking of spiritual warfare, while “The Rescuing Type” is an allegory of sorts, speaking of helping those who are hurting. The final two tracks on Life Will Write the Words end the album on a good note. “Scrapbook,” composed of breathtaking piano is rather sad and reminiscent, while “Ashes Made of Spaces” is The Rocket Summer’s last stab at a catchy pop track, though this time the track takes unexpected turns throughout, which is very cool.

The Rocket Summer has done a great job with the Life Will Write the Words album. Those who are not yet familiar with The Rocket Summer will, no doubt, be drawn in by this project, while those who are long-time fans will definitely be satisfied by Bryce’s mixture of mature lyrics with fun and catchy music.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: June 5, 2012

Track listing:
1. Run and Don’t Stop
2. Revival
3. Prove It
4. Old Love
5. 200,000
6. Just For a Moment Forget Who You Are
7. Circa ‘46
8. Underrated
9. Soldiers
10. The Rescuing Type
11. Scrapbook
12. Ashes Made of Spades

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