Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Releases From Thumper Punk Records

I would like to take a few minutes to introduce you the new releases from Thumper Punk Records!

thumper punk records

True Liberty: Marked For Life
True Liberty recently released Marked For Life on Thumper Punk Records, and in my opinion they have a resemblance to Children 18:3. Strong guitars mix with the excellent lyrics, which are sometimes bold as is the case with "Take Up Your Cross." This hard-hitting track speaks from the perspective of Jesus offering eternal life to all those who come up after Him. The album closes with a serene acoustic track titled "Storm," which speaks of being anchored in Jesus Christ during the toughest times of life -- another superb message! The album has 17 punk/rock tracks, for over 35 minutes of fun.

True Liberty's new album is available on iTunes and Thumper Punk Records official store!

Jump Ship Quick: Where Thieves Cannot Tread
This new album from Jump Ship Quick released back on June 5th, 2012, and here's a cool fact -- Five Iron Frenzy's saxophonist actually produced the album! Where Thieves Cannot Tread is this band's debut, and is a solid one at that. Overall, the album has awesome lead guitars, guitar screams, and chanting lyrics, but, again, has wonderful lyrics. One of my favorites off this album is "He Must Increase," which, based on John 4 speaks of releasing your pride and letting God increase you decrease. Another notable track is "My One True Hope," a desperate plea asking God for the grace not to give in to temptation. Where Thieves Cannot Tread is over 43 minutes long with 16 tracks.

The Old-timers: Soli Deo Gloria
The Old-timers is a South African punk/rock band, and their Biblical foundation is obvious in each and every track of this record. "Family," for instance, is more a prayer of loud, shouting thanksgiving to the Lord for the blessings we have in our family then it is a track for listeners to sit back and listen to. This preaching-punk is further evident in the title track, where they chant Scripture verses. After the singer asks, "What is the meaning of life?" the background chanting lyrics answer "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever!" and later they chant that whatever you do, "do it all for the glory of God!" I normally wouldn't be the biggest fan of this type of punk, but the absolute Christ-centered aspect of this project is mind-blowing.

What's better yet about this album is that 100% of the proceeds go to support Siloam Christian Ministries, the missionary work of Dave, one of the members of The Old-timers! You can learn more about his ministry at the following link:

In short, Maked For Life, Where Thieves Cannot Tread, and Soli Deo Gloria are three of three of Thumper Punk Records best albums to date! You can learn more about these albums and listen to previews of them at Thumper Punk Records' official website here, or browse their official store here!

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