Friday, June 29, 2012

King's Kaleidoscope: Asaph's Arrows Review


I really like finding a totally out of the ordinary Christian band. Allow me to introduce you to King’s Kaleidoscope and their debut Asaph’s Arrows. Now though King’s Kaleidoscope isn’t a new band (they’ve been leading worship at their church for several years), this is their debut with Mars Hill Records, so they have selected four far-reaching tracks to present on this album. The eclectic band has about a dozen musicians involved, meaning that the instruments you will hear on this album range from strings to horns to various kinds of drums and cymbals and more. It’s impossible to pick out just one great element to each song!

The first thing I noticed about King’s Kaleidoscope was the lead singer’s vocals, which somewhat resemble those of Mac Powell from Third Day. They warm up the album in “All Creatures,” which features horns, strong drums that chance rhythms occasionally, and more. Even though I am not totally used to this type of music, I really enjoyed the high level of creativity that went into this track, as well as the emphatic bridge of “Hallelujah” to our God!

Next comes “Come Thou Fount.” As my personal favorite hymn, I was very interested to hear how the band covered it, especially after the creative opening. For this track, the band uses finger-snapping-sounding drums and an irregular beat. They do keep the melody the same as well, so I think the band did a great job with this hymn, which is on the slower side of things. Strings and horns all join together in harmony, creating a symphony of peace.

Their version of “In Christ Alone” (the hymn) follows, sounding just a bit mundane at first, until it builds very nicely with King’s Kaleidoscope’s sound of horns and strings. Then, on a haunting and gloomy note, the album ends with a soft rendition of “Jesus Paid it All.”

If you’re looking for something new and different to worship to, King’s Kaleidoscope would be a good one for you to try! Their horns, strings, and drums combo is definitely something out of the ordinary; yet even then, it’s still worshipful!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: February 28, 2012

Track listing:
1. All Creatures
2. Come Thou Fount
3. In Christ Alone
4. Jesus Paid It All

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