Friday, June 1, 2012

Jessica Wallace: Come and See Review

One of Amani Records’ amazing artists, Jessica Wallace-Freda released her debut project Come and See back in 2010. However, it’s deeply worshipful flow is still relevant for listeners today. While Jessica is working on a sophomore project, I definitely recommend this worship project to those looking for something new and worshipful. The ten-track project, which also features Brad, Evan, and Jeff from Amani Records’ Isaiah 6, is breathtaking, worshipful, and Biblically rooted.

Most of the album has a live feel to it, which makes the worship project very raw and organic. “When You Speak” opens the album and demonstrates this fact. The acoustic guitar, Jessica’s angelic vocals, and the wonderful background vocals are perfect. In addition, probably my favorite aspect of Jessica’s music is evident here as well – her ability to put together different Bible verses and come out with a wonderful-looking collage. “When You Speak” contemplates the fact that we will never know all there is to know about God, and that the more we get to learn His voice, the more we learn about His faithfulness and goodness. “The Joy of Your Salvation,” a little more upbeat with electric guitars, is obviously based on Psalm 51 – “Restore the joy of Your salvation/ teach my heart to fear Your name/ open my lips to sing your praises, God…”

“Made Alive” seems to condense the book of Romans into a three-minute track, speaking of how we all wait for that glorious day when “we are made alive in the likeness of Your Son.” This track is also upbeat, but things slow down again with “To God Be the Glory,” a simple song of praise to God. I especially enjoyed the gentle acoustic guitars and slight-country feel it has because of the banjo.

From Psalm 61:2 comes “Higher Than I,” composed of escalating piano, a truly glorious masterpiece. It builds nicely as it goes along, but I especially enjoyed the lyrics taken directly from Scripture, of “proclaiming His glory in this barren land.” The simple but angelic “Words of Life,” is equally amazing, especially considering that it was based on the book of John, when Peter states, “Lord, where else could we go? You have the words of eternal life”: “Where else could we ever, ever go? You’ve got the words of life/ You are our ever-living hope/ our guiding light.” Jessica’s superb vocals in this song remind me of JJ Heller, Audrey Assad, or Nicole Croteau from Press Play, so I definitely recommend this album to fans of theirs.

“Glory” is a timeless song, asking for God to show us His glory, and the title track follows nicely. It is very melodic and gentle, simply meditating on the goodness of God – “Come and see what the Lord has done for us…” “Wait For You,” speaking of waiting for God, is very calming, because of its prayerful Psalm-based Scriptures. “Psalm Song,” based on Psalm 103 is very harmonic and also calming, ending the Come and See album on a very serene note. Remembering His benefits is a great way to end an album!

There are many aspects I absolutely love about Jessica Wallace’s Come and See album. If you are looking for new worship music to play in your quiet time, this is a great one to check out. You will be moved by the Spirit-filled, hymn-like tunes of praise that remember God’s benefits even in the toughest of times. This, and the wonderful harmonies and relaxing music is breathtaking and glorious.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: October 15, 2010

Track listing:
1. When You Speak
2. The Joy of Your Salvation
3. Made Alive
4. To God Be the Glory
5. Higher Than I
6. Words of Life
7. Glory
8. Come and See
9. Wait For You
10. Psalm Song

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