Monday, June 18, 2012

Heather Clark: Overcome Review

heather clark overcome

It’s not often that you can find a worship project that speaks directly to the heart with passionate and relatable anthems. Even if you can, it often seems that such albums revolve more around making money or writing amazing songs, rather than encouraging the listener in their walk with the Lord. However, let me introduce you to Heather Clark, releasing her debut project Overcome through Jesus Culture Music.

I was immediately drawn to Heather Clark’s deep music. As many have stated, her music will definitely be enjoyed by fans of Kim Walker-Smith’s (from Jesus Culture), Kari Jobe’s, or Darlene Zschech’s. “Come In,” with nice guitars that keep the song from being mundane, has a powerful message of letting the King of Kings come in through, and opening the door of our hearts to Him, obviously taken directly from the Psalms. However, the title track follows, definitely overpowering all other tracks off the album and is therefore appropriately the title track. Very melodic, the title track is a cry to God to burn away the dross in our lives through the fire of His Spirit. I was especially blown away by the opening line, “I’ve walked by this fire so many times, but now I’m coming in.” It also borrows elements from Isaiah 6 and Matthew 3, very Scriptural and extremely powerful!

“Undivided” is a simple, heavenly song of surrender, while “Kisses of His Mouth” was one of the lesser tracks on the album, in my opinion. I did, however, enjoy the predominant bridge: “Take me away with You/ let the King bring me into His chamber,” very personal, and describing the love of God in a wonderful way.

Speaking again of preparing the way for the King, “Dwell” follows on the slow note, but things become the most upbeat they have yet in “Shadow of Your Wings,” almost entirely pulled from the Psalms again. As I have found with most deep worship projects, the bridge is again the highlight, where Heather repeats in her higher vocals, “I will rejoice!” followed by a nice lead guitar instrumental.

“I’m Still Thirsty,” which features noticeable audience participation (as the project is recorded live), speaks more of desperation than it does freedom, but it also recognizes that Jesus Christ is the answer for our soul’s hunger and thirst.” Speaking to those who feel worthless, “I Know I’m Loved,” which has really nice laid-back lead guitar work, ensures every listener that, because of what Jesus has done for us, we can be sure that we are loved and have a purpose. Praise God!

Very steady, “Show Us Your Glory” speaks of wanting to see God’s fullness, while “Lamb of God” is breathtaking – very heavenly and melodic, with timeless lyrics, stating that “the Lamb of God makes me clean.” The album Overcome ends with Heather’s cover of “How Great Thou Art,” which is a perfect ending to the album. Also, hearing the audience sing out the hymn at the top of their lungs was timeless.

Heather Clark’s Overcome album is very personal, worshipful, and deep. She takes Scriptures and puts it into powerful worship anthems in a very relatable way. I hope to see Heather’s songs used in the church the way that Jesus Culture’s and Hillsong’s have. Fans of those worship groups will definitely want to check out this album.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: June 19, 2012

Track listing:
1. Come In
2. Overcome
3. Undivided Focus
4. Kisses of His Mouth
5. Dwell
6. Shadow of Your Wings
7. I’m Still Thirsty
8. I Know I’m Loved
9. Show Us Your Glory
10. Lamb of God
11. How Great Thou Art


  1. Yay! I hadn't realized that Jesus Culture Music had produced another album. So excited! It's on the wishlist! :)

  2. This album is so good Jay. I Just got it and I love it!


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