Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Music Video of May 2012?

Happy June! It's a new month, which means it's time to take a look back at the music videos of May 2012 and ask you to vote on your favorite!

For some reason, I had an error with the poll for April 2012, so I'm calling it a tie between Peter Furler's "Matter of Faith," and Sent By Ravens' "We're All Liars," which means we're down to that against Newsboys' "God's Not Dead," Building 429's "Where I Belong," and The After's "Life Is Beautiful"! So far, these will all be in a poll at the end of the year, for you to pick your favorite music video of the year. What music video from May 2012 will be in that poll? That's where you come in. Go ahead and vote for your favorite, and please share this poll with your friends!

Thanks, again, to Esther from The Free Christian Music Blog for her help with these polls!{ publisher:'18355ba4-a04c-4a33-a76f-847aadfc0f80', onhover:false });<div><a href="">Click Here for Poll</a><a href="" title="online survey">Online Survey</a><BR><a href="" title="Conjoint Analysis">Conjoint Analysis</a><BR> | <a href="" title="Polls">Polls</a><BR> | <a href="" title="mobile surveys">Mobile Surveys</a><BR><BR> | <a href="" title="Feedback Tab">Feedback Tab</a><BR><a href="">View MicroPoll</A></div>

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