Saturday, June 16, 2012

Delirious?: The Cutting Edge Years (20th Anniversary Edition) Review

delirious the cutting edge 20th anniversary editionDid you know that, once upon a time, Delirious? was known as The Cutting Edge Band? Twenty years ago, this band began playing worship for small audiences, not knowing the full effect that their music would have on the Church. Now, twenty years later, even though Delirious? itself is no longer an active band, their songs live on, and Kingsway Records is celebrating this powerful band through the release of the four-disc The Cutting Edge Years: 20th Anniversary Edition collection.

The CDs included in the collection (42 songs total) are from The Cutting Edge's first four EPs as well as their LIVE and in the Can album. Just some of the many hits off these albums include, "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" (probably my favorite Delirious? classic!), "The Happy Song," "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble," "Shout to the North," plus many more. There are also several "spontaneous" tracks, where the band simply lets the presence of God lead. Besides the three CDs, a DVD included in the package features eight awesome live performances of their classics, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and the Delirious? story.

I just love how Kingsway Records put together this 20th anniversary album. Even though I had heard many Delirious? songs and was familiar with many more, I didn't actually own any albums in my personal collection. For those who are in the same boat as I was, this is a must-have collection! The three CDs and special DVD are neatly packaged in a gift box that also includes two Delirious? posters. The packaging is beautiful, and definitely makes for a great gift (even if to yourself)!

Through The Cutting Edge Years: 20th Anniversary Edition, you will be owning a piece of Christian music history, as well as be getting about four hours of purely amazing classic worship. It's a fabulous collection!

Release date: May 22, 2012

Track listing:
Disc One (Cutting Edge: One and Two):
1. Message of the Cross
2. Singers Song
3. Lord You Have My Heart
4. What Is This Thing Called Love?
5. The Crucible For Silver
6. Thank You For Saving Me
7. The Happy Song
8. Prophet Song
9. King of Love
10. Coming Back
11. Lead Me
12. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever

Disc Two (Cutting Edge: Three and Four):
1. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
2. I've Found Jesus
3. Oh Lead Me
4. Shaken Up
5. I'm Not Ashamed
6. Find Me In the River
7. Louder Than the Radio
8. You Split The Earth
9. When All Around Has Fallen
10. I've Searched For Gold
11. Shout to the North
12. All I Want Is
13. Obsession

Disc Three (Live and In the Can):
1. Spontaneous Section 1
2. I'm Not Ashamed
3. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?
4. Spontaneous Section 2
5. Oh Lead Me
6. Obsession
7. Spontaneous Section 3
8. Spontaneous Section 4
9. Come Like You Promise
10. Spontaneous Section 5
11. Spontaneous Section 6
12. All I Want
13. Spontaneous Section 7
14. I've Found Jesus
15. Spontaneous Section 8
16. The Lord's Prayer

I'm Not Ashamed
The Happy Song
Shout to the North
Thank You For Saving Me/ White Ribbon Day
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Find Me in the River
Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?
Dance in the River
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever VIDEO
The Delirious? Story

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