Thursday, May 24, 2012

Young Chozen: Class President Review

Just like the Apostle Paul, Young Chozen hopes to be "all things to all men." That's exactly what he does through his new hip-hop album Class President, addressed to high school and college students. Using skits and recognizable aspects of today's culture, Young Culture creates an album full of though-provoking encouragement to those who go through our world without hope, and challenges them to trust in God. He goes further, reminding the listener that we can still be cool in God's eyes when living His way.

The title track, "Class President " opens the album in a very fun fashion. It is set in a high school, as Young Chozen is giving his speech to share why he should be elected over Lucy Ferraro, who also appears throughout the album. This opening track is especially amusing after watching the companion music video, where Young Chozen is being chased by security for posting messages all over the school.

"Drive Thru" is great for its many puns about fastfood menus, while "Head Noddin'," like many of the rest of the tracks on the album, has an extremely catchy beat that will leave you coming back for more. "Tell It All Around" has a DJ mix added to the electronic beat that makes him an artist fans of Lecrae will probably want to check out.

But then there are some tracks off Class President that are fun, but seem to have little meaning; it's these that will draw in the mainstream audience. "Backyard" is set to a party on a summer night, so the visual image the listener gets while listening is cool.

Another thing I love about Class President is how the story of of Young Chozen vs. Lucy Ferraro appears throughout the rest of the album, with a "Lunchtime (Skit)" appearing halfway through, and the album wrapping up with the "School's Out" skit -- where Young Chozen asserts that he is an imperfect person who only desires to lead others to Christ.

Other higlights from the album include the slower love song "Pot of Gold"; "Here I Come," infused with playful elements, and "Stereo," a very moving prayer that the world would be drawn to God's love through us. Probably because of this, "Stereo" would be my personal favorite off the Class President CD.

All in all, Class President isn't the best hip-hop album I've ever heard, but I love it's unique aspect -- the concept of the battle between two class president-wannabes, one with a selfish motive and the other with a Christ-centered motivation. And throughout the album, the listener not only gets to learn about this class president-elect, they also get to see the importance of also becoming all things to all men, so that we may win others to God. It is a great album, especially for it's creativity.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: March 6, 2012

Track listing:
1. Class President
2. Drive Thru
3. Head Noddin'
4. Tell It All Around
5. Backyard
6.The Rock
7. Think You Know Me
8. Lunchtime (Skit)
9. La La La Love
10. Pot of Gold
11. 31 Status
12. Here I Come
13. I'm So On
14. Way Up There
15. Set 'Em Up
16. I'm Gone
17. Stereo
18. School's Out (Skit)

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