Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Choir: The Loudest Sound Ever Heard Review

The Choir has been a band for nearly 30 years! Now the Indie band is back with their fourteenth project, The Loudest Sound Ever Heard. I wasn’t such a big fan of their previous album Burning Like the Midnight Sun, but I found this new project of theirs to be delightful. It’s raw and honest, somewhat dark, plus uses the band’s eclectic lyrics to create a project that speaks of living our short life to the fullest.

With a live feel to it, “Strange Girl” opens up The Loudest Sound Ever Heard, speaking of a girl that “is so strange in such good ways.” I usually don’t appreciate relationship songs all that much, but I had to smile at the poetic side of the song: “She’s evolving and problem solving/ her spirit revolving like a wind whirl…”

“I’m Learning to Fly” has wonderful lyrics, speaking of making amends and living life to the fullest while the light “Cross That River” encourages the listener to take one step at a time: “Cross that river one rock at a time/ you can cross that river…/ never mind the rapid tide/ you can cross that river!”

“Laughter of Heaven” has a fun, saxophone-infused twist to it, speaking of surrendering to God and going higher and deeper in His love. Once again, their poetic lyrics are very enjoyable. “O How” is mellow and a bit depressing, in my opinion, but speaks of feeling for a child whose heart has been broken: “Oh how the heart aches that loves a child.”

We all go through dark valleys, and that is what The Choir speaks of through “The Forest.” More upbeat, I really enjoyed the encouraging lyrics that the sun will shine again, so just keep on walking! “I believe the sun will shine on you and me, my friend/ I have learned to trust the turning of the seasons/ even now the sun is breaking through the clouds again/ but I still don’t know the causes or the reasons/ take it one step at a time…”

“Takin’ The Universe In” is a sassy love song, while the more mellow “Melodious” seems to be speaking of the time the band has had together. Though it’s a bit hard to follow, I enjoyed the futuristic twist near the end of the track.

“A World Away” has a dark feel to it, and The Loudest Sound Ever Heard closes with “After All,” an enthralling duet with the one and only Leigh Nash! This closing track is timeless, with strings that make it breathtaking and just a bit sad.

I love that The Choir’s fourteenth album stays true to the band’s sound, but has a wonderful message of making the most of your life. The album revolves around “The Loudest Sound Ever Heard,” a volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Krakatoa in the 19th century that took many lives. The Choir encourages the listener to be a light to those around us before it’s too late. This aspect of The Choir’s new CD The Loudest Sound Ever Heard gave me a new appreciation for this 30-year-old band’s music.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: May 15, 2012

Track listing:
1. Strange Girl
2. I’m Learning to Fly
3. Cross That River
4. Laughter of Heaven
5. O How
6. The Forest
7. Takin’ The Forest In
8. Melodious
9. A World Away
10. After All (feat. Leigh Nash)

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