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Movie Review Friday: Suing the Devil

Suing the Devil is a Christian film I had heard much about. Ever since I heard about the film hitting select theatres, and the fact that the film featured Shannen Fields from Facing the Giants, I looked forward to the DVD release. It is finally here, and I had the chance to judge for myself (pun intended) whether or not the fantastic statements I had heard about the film were, in fact, true. It turns out that they were.

Suing the Devil is the enthralling story of Luke O’Brien, a used-car salesman who studies law at night. Realizing that hurt, pain, disappointment, and all other evil ultimately points back to the Christian’s evil nemesis, Satan, O’Brien decides to practice his knowledge of law and sue Satan at the International Court of Human Rights for $8 trillion dollars. To his surprise, Satan shows up, and his lawsuit gets dubbed the “Trial of the Century,” featuring coverage on LegalTV and is watched all over the world.

Firstly, I really enjoyed the cast for Suing the Devil. Besides Malcom McDowell as Satan (who – sorry to say it – is actually a likeable character until he reveals his evil side) and Shannen Fields from Facing the Giants, the role of Luke O’Brien was fantastic, played by Bart Bronson. As his first act, he did an amazing job! He was, in parts, a very strong character that could answer any attack from the enemy in court, and at other moments looking like any harsh word would crush him for life. He played this emotional rollercoaster fantastically. But also, the film features Rebecca St. James! She is a co-host on LegalTV which is following the court case, and thankfully, as Jasmine Williams, she plays a good character who desires to see Luke O’Brien triumph in the case. Also, Roslyn Gentle was perfect for the part of the judge deciding the case, but I will say, she was not very gentle. ;)

Right from the start of the film, partly because I had seen the trailer, the film was very riveting. The viewer first gets to know Luke O’Brien better. His mom was recently killed by a drunk driver, leaving O’Brien embittered and wanting justice. Also, his bank account has "disappeared," terrible as he and his wife aren’t the richest family in America. Every night, the news media continues to report stories of rising gas prices, more shootings, and other destruction in America. But when O’Brien flips the channel and hears the tele-evangelist share that the enemy prows around like a roaring lion, he realizes the enemy’s main attack is to pretend he doesn’t actually exist. O’Brien suddenly realizes he must do something about this, and this is when he comes up with the idea to sue Satan.

When O’Brien finally brings up the court case, the judge is about to dismiss the case entirely, until she decides to give O’Brien 30 days to find Satan. If Satan shows up, the court will hear the case, but if he doesn’t, O’Brien will be fined for wasting the court’s time. I knew that Satan would show up, having seen the trailer, but it didn’t look like he would from that portion of the film! O’Brien then goes to a club and finds some Satan-worshipers on the streets and hands them a copy of the court’s document, and asks them to inform Satan to come to the court for a hearing if they see him. In this portion of the film especially, there are scenes where you expect something objectionable to come up, but it never goes too far. Satan obviously is a pervert, and you can read into those thoughts from his mind throughout (flirting with his female lawyers), but they don’t show anything too bad. I do think the PG-13 rating stands appropriately, however.

The tide verses good and evil was probably the most riveting portion of the film. Throughout the film, you get a glimpse of the jury’s thoughts on the case. Their opinion sways until O’Brien’s wife tells him that he needs to stand on the promises of God, rather than fight the case in his own strength. From then on, the film was very hopeful straight through to the end.

The whole film Suing the Devil is an allegory of sorts, showing the power we believers have over Satan and his attacks. We mess up, but God is continually shaping us into a new person. The film addresses topics such as “If there is a God, where is there evil in the world?” excellently and in a Biblically-sound manner, focusing on John 10:10 – that Satan is the author of evil.

I can’t say enough how amazing Suing the Devil is! It has definitely made it to the list of my top five favorite films of all times, and I can’t wait to watch it again very soon. I highly recommend this film to every Christian family, but I would especially suggest it to those who want to know more about the believer’s authority in Christ, or who struggle with pain and grief. You will see that, though life is an emotional rollercoaster, you can stand on the promises of God and never lose!

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  1. Wow, I didn't know Malcolm Mcdowell starred in this film! He's an amazing actor and perfect for that kind of role! I'll have to see this film.


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