Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Movie Review: Brother White

If you go to Wal-mart today, be sure to stop by the DVD section and pick up a copy of the new PureFlix film Brother White!

Brother White is simply a fabulous film. This hilarious film tells the story of James White, one of many associate pastors under tele-evangelist Johnny Kingman. White has always dreamed of becoming a pastor and moves with every minor “promotion” he receives. However, after a few clumsy acts and complaints from parents because of White’s teaching, White is moved to a minute church in Atlanta, Divine Faith Apostolic Church. His family is reluctant of the move, but they soon realize that the church is being foreclosed on, and they must raise $10,000 as soon as possible. White’s suggestion to hold a fund-raising concert is at first ignored, but then taken seriously when BeBe Winans hears about the concert and offers to be the main act. Maybe there is hope for Divine Faith Apostolic Church, yet?

Brother White is definitely the best PureFlix film I have seen yet. First, I was totally drawn in by the humor even in the opening scene. It won’t take the viewer long to become comfortable with the plot, as they see James White’s plight. Desiring to become a pastor, he gets put over a Sunday school consisting of a handful of kids that can’t seem to grasp the Biblical significance of the stories he is telling them as much as the heart-breaking aspects. Too, James’ parents (his mother being played by Saturday Night Live’s Victoria Jackson) are rich and embarrass James and his wife by their continual nosiness of them and their children. It was all a humorous beginning, but the film doesn’t remain hilarious throughout. There are a few more serious parts, mostly nearing the end where it looks like their plan to save the church may not work correctly.

There are quite a few familiar acts in Brother White, as well. I love how PureFlix uses the same actors/actresses in their films, because, in my opinion, this makes the film exciting, as you feel like you already know the characters. I thought it was cool that David and his wife Andrea Logan White played the film’s main couple again, but I thought their whole cast was absolutely perfect. Other familiar acts include Jackée, Victoria Jackson, and Reginald Vel Johnson, not to forget about BeBe Winans, who plays himself. He did a phenomenal job, but of course, as a signer for many years, his performance would be perfect.

In addition, Brother White has a powerful message of forgiveness and redemption. Since this part of Atlanta where James was transplanted to is a troubled neighborhood, there are a handful of troublemakers in the area (but no drugs or anything of that sort are shown) who stir up trouble for the White’s and their new home. One of these troubled teens, whose mom is the organist at the church, returns to his faith in Christ at the end of the film. In addition, James White, who originally comes to the town as a show-off, soon realizes the great need of the community he is pastoring and realizes that each little action of love has the potential to change each person, which will in turn change the whole community. At the end of the film, when he is presented with the choice to either go back home to LA or stay in this small church, he realizes how effective his work has been, which I thought was very cool.

In all, the film is very heart-warming and hilarious, making for a fantastic film that I will surely be watching many more times. Not often do I love a film enough to watch it more than once, but this film has made it to that list. It’s an incredible film of love, redemption, forgiveness, and humor!

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