Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mary Mary: Go Get It Review

Mary Mary’s reality TV show on the WE channel has been viewed by millions all over the world. With a season two in post-production and slated to begin in early 2013, and the season finale coming up on May 31st, Mary Mary is celebrating their recent success through a new CD named after their reality TV show Go Get It.

Go Get It actually only has two new songs on, but both are excellent at that. The album opens up with the theme song for their show, “Go Get It.” At first listen, I was enthralled through the catchy gospel tune but thought the lyrics were a bit cliché-ish, but then I realized that Mary Mary’s though-provoking Biblical lyrics were again at play, especially through the second verse: “It’s alright to crawl before you walk/ it’s alright to walk before you run/ but if you wanna get what’ve you’ve never got/ you gotta do something that you’ve never done/ go get it…”

The other original, track #8 off Go Get It, is “Sunday Morning.” With a big of reggae tempo, “Sunday Morning” is a declaration how much the Campbells love church! Even as a pick-and-choose fan of Gospel music, I found this track to be very fun and engaging.

The other eleven tracks off Go Get It are either remixes or remastered hits. My personal favorites of these include Mary Mary’s first single “Shackles,” “Walking” off their previous album Something Big, and ”And I” featuring Kirk Franklin. Others include “Dirt,” “Can’t Give Up Now,” and “I’m Running,” which again brings to mind Mary Mary’s prevalent message to run toward your goal and refuse to stand in once place.

One cool track worth a special message in this review is “God Bless,” which has been remixed from the original version off the album Incredible. In my opinion, the track has a less catchy beat, but it begins with the whistling act, and “Remember that?” coming from the rapper that appears in this song and others. It’s fun that Mary Mary is looking back at their years since 2000’s Thankful with this project.

I still think that Something Big is Mary Mary’s best project to date, but Go Get It serves as a wonderful “greatest hits” project of sorts for Erica and Tina Campbell. These remastered and/or remixed tracks are refreshing, and the two originals are very enjoyable. Kudos to Mary Mary for a successful career! Here’s to many more albums from this gospel duo!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: May 8, 2012

Track listing:
1. Go Get It
2. God Bless
3. Little Girl
4. Dirt
5. Can’t Give Up Now
6. I’m Running
7. Good to Me (Featuring Destiny’s Child)
8. Sunday Morning
9. He Said
10. And I (Featuring Kirk Franklin)
11. Walking
12. God In Me (Featuring Kierra “Kiki” Sheard)
13. Shackles

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