Friday, May 4, 2012

Introducing Lara Landon

I'd like to introduce you to the heart-felt music of Lara Landon. Lara just released her new album Overcome to iTunes this past Tuesday, an album which features her single "I See God In You" as well as "The River."

Below, you will see an older song of Lara's, titled "Closer." The message is so powerful -- that when we cannot go any further, we can remember that we are closer than when we first started and Jesus is always with us. Please enjoy this music video, and read the accompanying story Lara wrote to encourage those who are walking through the dark valleys in life. Be sure to check out Overcome as well as "like" her Facebook page, where you can get a free download!

Lara Landon "Closer" Video and Blog
There was a young girl proudly standing on the top of a mountain. She could see for miles in every direction- from where she had just come from and where she was headed. The sun was shining and her destination was only two more ridges beyond. She thought to herself "I've finally come to the top of this mountain and I have a vision of my destination! I can see it! Now if I just cross through two more valleys and two more mountain peaks I will be there!"

She descended from the peak and into the first valley. Rushes of cold wind whipped through the rocks on either side. The lower she traveled the darker it grew. The sun now became completely blocked out. Sliding rocks and jagged drops frightened her and with each slip her confidence waned.

The girl couldn't turn back but felt paralyzed by fear to move forward. Darkness covered the valley. She huddled between two big rocks and shivered as the night sounds tormented her. "Why didn't I stay on the mountain top? I don't think I can make it up this next ridge without falling. I'm scared Lord why did you have to put valleys of darkness, danger and difficulties between me and my destination?" she thought out loud.

A warm breeze enveloped the girl as she cried in the dark.  "I am with you, I will never leave you or forsake you. You can't see me but I've sent The Helper to you. He's been with you this whole way. He will be with you through this valley and the mountain tops until the end when you do see me." A beautiful voice replied. He continued "You thought when you could see what was before you on the mountain top that you were close to your destination, but I assure you that even here in the valley although it may not look it, you are closer to me than you ever have been before."

The girl began crying, pleading with the invisible voice "Lord, please just take me to my destination, fly me over these valleys and ridges. I'm weak. I'm afraid and I don't have what it takes to go through them!"

The kind voice answered "No, you are not as strong as you will be when this journey is over. This is what I meant by taking up your cross and following me. This is sharing in my suffering and it's the only way you will ever truly know me. You may feel rejection, humiliation and loneliness on this journey but do not despair. Remember, accepting this cross and following me is one in the same with taking my yoke upon you that is easy and light. You will feel the pain of the valleys, but you will also have the strength to scale these mountains. You will not fall. You will reach me and I will be your reward. Will you trust me and accept this difficult journey?"

"Be it done to me as you say. I've tasted your love and it is worth this pain. If to know you I must go through valleys as well mountain tops, I will. I trust you." The girl replied. The warm wind was gone and the chill returned. The girls physical body shivered but her heart was aflame. The most beautiful voice of her Beloved spoke to her in the valley and it would sustain her until the next mountain peak when she could see her destination again.

Remember when you are in a valley, you are closer to Him than you have ever been. Savor His love and promises that will sustain you in the dark times until your next "mountain top experience". And know the reward of becoming more and more acquainted with the love and provision of Jesus through the valleys is worth the cost of carrying your cross and following Him.

"I'm getting closer, closer to you Lord
I haven't seen you
but I know I know you more
I keep on walking
still have miles to go
but as I look back on my long and narrow road
I'm getting… Closer"


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