Tuesday, May 22, 2012

David Thulin: Morning Rise Eternal Review

One of my favorite genres of music is electronic. It’s artificially created via computer, yet it causes the listener to get up and move. Well, earlier this year, David Thulin remixed Press Play’s latest radio single “Three Little Words” for Valentine’s Day. After his successful remix, Dream Records quickly added him to their artist roster. Morning Rise Eternal is David Thulin’s Dream Records debut, a thirteen track album that features both futuristic soundtracks and remixes of Dream Records’ other popular radio singles.

The electronic instrumentals are highly enjoyable! They all carry appropriate titles that allow the listener to envision the creativity that was floating through David’s head. “Taken Away” is very breathtaking, while “Eternity” could be the soundtrack of a listener sailing through space in an aircraft. There are a total of seven instrumentals of this kind, all taking on a spacey, futuristic feel.

Those who are big Dream Records fans (as I am) will definitely enjoy the rest of the album as well. There are six remixes of Dream Records artists, beginning with “Let it Out” by Press Play. This version is clearly more monstrous as is the retake of “Three Little Words.” Both of these Press Play remixes seem to accentuate Sada’s phenomenal vocals. David also offers his creative takes on singles from Jeanette and Jonathan Thulin, Warr Acres, and Shake the Nation. I found it enjoyable to hear how these otherwise slow praise and worship songs were revamped in this energetic fashion.

Overall, David Thulin’s Morning Rise Eternal is a fantastic effort! You will have to be a diehard fan of the electronic, dance pop/genre; but if you are one that loves movie scores and soundtracks like I do, you will love Morning Rise Eternal!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: May 22, 2012

Track listing:
1. Taken Away
2. Eternity
3. Let It Out (Press Play Remix)
4. Icewalk
5. Not Alone
6. Until Now (Jeanette Thulin Remix)
7. Summer Game
8. You Are Joy (Warr Acres Remix)
9. One Nation (Shake the Nation Remix)
10. Three Little Words (Press Play Remix)
11. Penrose
12. We Sing Hallelujah (Jonathan Thulin Remix)
13. Ambience

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