Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Skies Revolt: Some Kind of Cosmonaut Review

To say the least, The Skies Revolt is a very unique and crazy band. Their musical creativity and eclectic albums have already gained this band an impressive following. Besides several albums, the band has played at several top Christian music festivals in between releasing several music videos and revamping their website with a fun adventurous game.

Recently The Skies Revolt released Some Kind of Cosmonaut, even the title demonstrating their stubbornness to fit into any one particular genre. The twelve-track album cannot be described simply in any couple of words. If it could be, I would describe it as a fun and chaotic punk/rock. There is no one particular chorus to any song where you can pin down the main line! The lyrical diversity is mind-boggling – some tracks seeming pointless, and others having a wonderful message. Mix that in with two instrumentals, and you have an album where you have no clue where the next track is going to take you!

“Fight Lose Stand” gives a great beginning to Some Kind of Cosmonaut. The two-minute track has a simple, good yet slightly humorous lyrical plot: “I still believe in doing what's right/ there's always a cop out/ strong hold strong…” The lala’s make a great fill-in, mixed with the vocals which fit the punk rock music very well. And, like most of the tracks do on this album, the opening track blends into the haunting “The Empire,” a track about not giving up. The way these tracks combine makes the album all the more out-of-the-box.

Beginning with “It's All In The Reflexes,” most of the tracks have chanting lyrics, the highlight of these being “False Glory and Praise,” which lyrics speak for themselves: “Give 'em all your money/ give it all give it all to them/ I don't want to be in a bubble gum pop protest band/ if this is honor I'm not allowed/ if this is the antidote I don't want to die and choke.” Several of the tracks address relationships, including “She’s Telling the Truth (Or At Least She Thinks She Is)” and “Single…ish,” which has a humorous line: “We're climbing towels on bathroom walls/ they are starting to slip and we're going to fall.”

But for those worried that this album from The Skies Revolt may not sound Christian, there are some exclusively Christian elements. The main, and my favorite, is the futuristic interlude, which has a haunting men’s choir in the background, singing “May the Lord keep and hold you,” a benediction from the book of Numbers. Besides that, the primary message of the album that you can grab a hold of throughout the crazy lyrics is holding fast to what you believe, most obvious in the opening track “Fight Lose Stand,” even though it is surrounded by the eclectic lyrics.

In all, The Skies Revolt isn’t totally my style of music. But it can’t be denied that The Skies Revolt is to be commended for creating a genre of their own. They’ve combined crazy lyrics with eclectic music, both fun and engaging, making for a totally out-of-the-box album. If you’re a fan of punk rock and looking for something unique, I definitely recommend you check out this album.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: February 18, 2012

Track listing:
1. Fight Lose Stand
2. The Empire
3. It’s All In the Reflexes
4. She’s Telling The Truth (Or At Least She Thinks She Is)
5. False Glory and Praise
6. Single…ish
7. Interlude
8. Endure and Renew
9. The Gentlemen’s Duel
10. Beards Can’t Hide
11. They Cry Out to Do Nothing
12. We All Have to End (Outro)

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