Monday, April 30, 2012

Point of Grace: A Thousand Little Things Review

For longtime fans of Contemporary Christian music, Point of Grace needs no introduction. I remember growing up and hearing their single “The Great Divide” off the Songs 4 Worship CD that introduced me to the world of Christian music. Others of their chart-topping singles and fan favorites include “Yes, I Believe,” “Gather At the River,” “Day By Day,” and “Turn Up the Music.” Point of Grace’s angelic harmonies, true-to-life lyrics, 20+ #1 singles and 13 Dove Awards have made the classic group one of CCM’s most popular groups. The threesome returns with their twelfth studio album A Thousand Little Things, a declaration that there are countless things around us to be thankful for.

We all feel shameful and guilty at certain times, and the country-infused opening track “Good Enough” speaks of the help we can find in God: “How can you be good enough? How can you measure up? Do your best with the world waiting on your chest/ When everything is too much, that’s when you just gotta trust in the way He loves, and that’s good enough!” The message of God’s love making us good enough definitely sticks out through the timeless album A Thousand Little Things. “Heaven Knows” follows on the contemporary note, encouraging the listener that when things seem to get too hard, God is still watching out for us.

As the first single off A Thousand Little Things, the title track follows, definitely the best track off Point of Grace’s new album. This wonderful, catchy single has a “Turn Up the Music” sentiment, encouraging the listeners, especially moms, to take in every minute of life and recognize the small blessings all around us everyday. The upbeat country/bluegrass twist is very enjoyable as well. “Only Jesus,” considerably on the slower side of things, is mellow and emotional, but powerful and touching! All three Point of Grace vocalists join in the moving chorus, stating that Jesus is the only love that can wash away all sins and accept us just the way we are. With little other than acoustic guitar, the serene “What I Already Know” speaks of not needing more faith, but simply needing to believe what we already know. It’s a back-to-the-basics track that is very breathtaking and relaxing.

More upbeat and contemporary, but still featuring Point of Grace’s beloved country sound, “Might Be Today” encourages the listener that today could be the day that the victory comes: “Things can change in an instant/ gray clouds run out of rain/ it’s just a matter of time till it happens/ it might be today.” This was probably my second favorite, again having a phenomenal message. “Wash Me Away” has a double country feel, both musically and lyrically as it speaks of going down to the riverside to be cleansed and made new – a very fun listen.

“You Be the One” most magnifies the powerful vocals of the trio, as the track encourages the listener to be the one to reach out to others in their time of need, “even when you think that they don’t need ya/ don’t give up till the race is run/ you be the one!” “I Believe In You (Dedication Song)” speaks from the heart of a mom to her child. This is a track that will definitely be moving for the mothers who embrace Point of Grace’s poignant music and ministry. Then, the acoustic “Saving Jesus” ends the A Thousand Little Things album, asking, how long will it take you to realize that Jesus is the answer to your unsolvable questions? Take, for instance, the chorus: “How long will this keep going on till you break and just can’t take it anymore?/ How long do you have to go before your knees finally hit the floor/ what do you think you’re saving Jesus for?” This closing track builds slightly before it ends the album, and all three vocalists join together at different points.

When all is said and done, Point of Grace delivers another amazing contemporary Christian album. They explore different uncomfortable topics, and conclude that the love of God is all around us and something that we can find during our darkest hours or during the greatest days of life. A Thousand Little Things will definitely see Point of Grace earning a few awards and much acclaim, especially for the contagious title track.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: May 1, 2012

Track listing:
1. Good Enough
2. Heaven Knows
3. A Thousand Little Things
4. Only Jesus
5. What I Already Know
6. Might Be Today
7. Wash Me Away
8. You Be the One
9. I Believe In You (Dedication Song)
10. Saving Jesus

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