Saturday, April 21, 2012

Phao: Something Cold EP Review

Phao has enjoyed much success in the few short years they’ve been together. A band since 2005, Phao released their debut full-length in May of 2010, followed by two singles in September. In March of this year, the band co-wrote a song to benefit Compassion Canada and Kaitlin’s Legacy, and watched it debut at #1 on iTunes’ charts! Now the band is preparing for their June 2012 sophomore project with a four-song sneak peek EP, titled Something Cold.

Phao’s Something Cold EP begins with the somewhat humorous “Know Your Name.” It speaks of wanting to just “know the name” of someone you spot and like. The chaotic punk rock immediately evident through the opening makes Phao comparable to Hawk Nelson and Stellar Kart, though probably slightly more on the chaotic side.

The title track, “Something Cold” follows, with very high, blaring vocals. It matches the strong guitars of this track, which isn’t very melodic. The poetic lyrics, however, are a fun listen: “I’m nothing but a flame to her/ she loves to watch me burn/ and all we had was all for nothing/ all I had to do was something cold.” “Anything We Want” follows, a fun track of enjoying life, doing “anything we want.” I imagine that this would make an excellent music video for that reason.

“Worth It” closes the EP. The deep guitars give the track a heavy side, though the track itself is simple and on the mellow side. The vocals are really great in this track, deeper in the vocals and higher in the chorus: “So why pretend that the world’s still turning/ as long as you’re here and I’m on my own/ so why pretend when I’m hurting/ cause baby you’re worth it/ baby, you’re worth it to me.”

Phao definitely has a lot of potential. I wish that this great rock band had focused lesser on the relationship aspect that was predominant in this EP. However, it is definitely an EP that those struggling with broken relationships can cling to easily. Otherwise, these four rock anthems are incredible.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: April 3, 2012

Track listing:
1. Know Your Name
2. Something Cold
3. Anything We Want
4. Worth It

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