Saturday, April 21, 2012

Matt Billingsley: Signs and Wonders Review

There are some incredible independent Christian artists who I wish would get more attention. Matt Billingsley is one of those. The Virginia worship leader released his project Signs and Wonders in November of last year. This 8-track EP boldly brings in the presence of God and releases His power in the lives of every listener.

The whole album has a live feel to it, beginning with the two-minute “Song For Tomorrow” intro. Without any vocals, the strings, soft piano, and gentle guitar strumming are extremely inviting. It leads wonderfully into the more upbeat title track, speaking of an intense desire to know the Lord Jesus. Very melodic, “Come Holy Spirit” follows, and mixes well with Matt’s mature vocals. It is a very deep worship song that first contemplates His goodness, and then invites Him to overtake our lives furthermore. Simply put, this is a wonderful track!

With nice piano, the soft “Everything is New” is a simple song of praise to God for making us brand new while “Road to Everlasting” is another instrumental. This time, however, the track continues for four minutes, more upbeat for the nice electric guitar. The rocker “Walking With Angels” follows, as it speaks of that glorious day when the angels of God come to take us home. I think, for the tracks that Matt sings in, this will probably be the fan favorite.

Surprisingly, another version of “Everything is New” follows, this time more accentuated by the beautiful piano. The album closes with “Prayer For Tomorrow,” a short track that asks God for strength and peace to live as He would have us live in the days ahead.

Matt Billingsley has some wonderful worship songs! This project is very simple, yet heartfelt. There are a few signs that this is an independent release, but I think those are easy to overlook if this music speaks to you as it should with an honest listen. One can’t go wrong with this handful of breathtaking instrumentals mixed with some heartfelt songs of worship!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 11, 2011

Track listing:
1. Signs For Tomorrow
2. Signs and Wonders
3. Come Holy Spirit
4. Everything Is New
5. Road to Everlasting
6. Walking With Angels
7. Everything is New
8. Prayer For Tomorrow

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