Monday, April 9, 2012

Fike: The Moment We've Been Waiting For Review

Dana and Richie Fike have been an Indie worship band for a few years now. Their songs have been recorded by many worship artists, and their song “Ascend to Heaven” was GMA Dove Award nominated. In addition, their independent album Make a Sound landed the husband and wife duo in the Worship Leader magazine with a cover on several of their songs. Now, the acclaimed duo returns with their debut Integrity Records project The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For. Throughout this wonderful worship project with wonderful harmonies and powerful vocals, the Fikes explore that wonderful day when we will see Jesus face to face, particularly through the wonderful opening title track.

The five-minute opening title track is appropriately very heavenly. Dana’s vocals build with the melody which strengths throughout. Choirs appear throughout the album, but are particularly enjoyable in this track, that looks forward with anticipation to the wedding day of the Lamb, when God wipes every tear from our eyes. Richie leads “Grace,” which follows as a mostly acoustic guitar track. Here and there, his vocals sound a bit strained, but his mid-tone vocals are nice nevertheless. A simple song of thanksgiving for God’s grace, the listener is powerfully reminded that God’s grace is all we need.

I first heard “Jehovah” on the Katina’s Collage album, released last summer, but it was actually written by Richie Fike! The Fikes did a wonderful job with this track, especially Dana, who did the part that CeCe Winans performed in the Katina’s version. The harmonies are breathtaking, being done only the way a husband and wife duo can. “Wait” is a fun and catchy acoustic pop track, with exceptional lyrics. Especially a highlight is the first verse: “It never goes like I thought it should/ and that’s a real nice thing ‘cause the Lord is good/ so I believe that the lesson of grace is wait…” After a bit, Dana interjects her supportive harmonies, making for one of the definite highlights off Fike’s The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For CD.

The acoustic “Song of Sacrifice” speaks of the sacrifice of praise, again with magnificent harmonies. The deeply worshipful “Glorious You Are” speaks of how there is no end to the praises we could sing to our Lord and King. This track features soothing cello, but is followed by the upbeat and rocky “Behold Our God.” The fun guitar makes a track like this all the more freeing and worshipful.

“My Savior Lord” with an irregular drumbeat, is excellent lyrically, addressing those times when we want to give God something new and original. But what can we give Him that hasn’t already been given? The song asks: “What if I yield to You all of my heavy heart? Would that make You mine, would that make me Yours?” The fact that God simply wants our life is something that God has revealed to me recently, so I especially enjoyed this track.

The way that Dana and Richie both share the melody and support each other makes “In This House” very peaceful, while “Still” speaks of simply being still and knowing that He is our God. Richie sings the first half, and Dana takes over just as the song builds. They, of course, then combine their vocals. Because of this, “Still” is another deep thought track, crammed with Scripture.

As you would think, “Outshout the Lies” is more upbeat with strong guitars, reminding the listener that Jesus has overcome the world, while “Chosen” is another acoustic guitar track. The guitar itself keeps the beat throughout most of this serene track, which is followed by “That’s Why I Praise,” the end of the album. It has a soft gospel twist to it, a simple song of thanksgiving for how Jesus Christ has changed our lives, and that’s why we continue to praise Him.

With one listen through, it’s not hard to see why Fike’s songs have been used by other worship groups. The thirteen-track The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For is very eclectic and worshipful, whether the songs are upbeat and fun, or more heavenly and mellow. It’s easy to sense the presence of the Lord when playing through this heartfelt album. This album will definitely be on repeat for me. There’s something so special about this husband and wife duo that makes you immediately hooked!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: April 10, 2012

Track listing:
1. The Moment We’ve Been Waiting
2. Grace
3. Jehovah
4. Wait
5. Song of Sacrifice
6. Glorious You Are
7. Behold Our God
8. My Savior Lord
9. In This House
10. Be Still
11. Outshout the Lies
12. Chosen
13. That’s Why I Praise

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