Monday, April 2, 2012

Christy Nockels: Into the Glorious Review

You may remember her as part of the CCM group Watermark from the early 2000s. Or, if you have listened to worship projects from Passion, you may have heard her Life Light Up album. Well, after a three-year wait, Christy Nockels is back with her sophomore project on Sixstep Records, titled Into the Glorious. Once again, Christy combines her beautiful vocals with her heartfelt worship, making for a fabulous project to play during your quiet time with God.

“Ever Lifting,” the opening track, is definitely the most upbeat track off the record. With a slight country twist and beautiful harmonies, this fun track reminds the listener that nothing on earth is like a personal relationship with the God of the universe. The booming bass is an added bonus.

The other ten tracks off Into the Glorious are mostly acoustic and very worshipful, accentuating Christy Nockel’s soft vocals. “For Your Splendor” borrows lyrics from Psalm 1, speaking of being planted by the rivers of water, while “Wonderful” has an Audrey Assad sentiment to it, mostly because of the sole piano mixed with Christy’s angelic vocals. The title track doesn’t hold off on drums, while the soft piano sound is at times really strong. We are reminded that God desires for us all to partake of His glorious and to live an extraordinary life. It’s the perfect title track, as the lyrics of wanting more of God are very heartfelt.

I love those songs that speak to the soul, as Psalm 103 does. That’s what “Be Loved” is, a soft and melodic track contemplating the deep love of God, and how all we have to do is receive it. “Waiting Here For You” a song about waiting on God, and “Sing Along” build nicely as they go along, the latter speaking of singing along with the song that God is singing over us – very creatively lyrically.

Next, Christy Nockels covers The Judd's classic “Love Can Build a Bridge,” very nicely. “Your Love is Moving” followes aptly, as both are about the powerful love of God. The very soft “Healing Is In Your Hands” and “Already All I Need” close the album Into The Glorious, celebrating the everlasting goodness of God. Both are soft, mostly piano, but very beautiful.

Into the Glorious is what you get when you cross Christy Nockels’ beautiful vocals with soft piano, strings, and light drums. Though most of the album was a little bit slow for my personal preference, I mostly enjoyed Christy’s unique songwriting. I believe that Into the Glorious is an album that fans of Audrey Assad’s will enjoy, for its softness, worshipfulness, and intricate beauty.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: April 3, 2012

Track listing:
1. Ever Lifting
2. For Your Splendor
3. Wonderful
4. Into the Glorious
5. Be Loved
6. Waiting Here For You
7. Sing Along
8. Love Can Build a Bridge
9. Your Love is Moving
10. Healing is In Your Hands
11. Already All I Need

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