Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Daddy Weave: Love Come to Life Review

Big Daddy Weave has been together for 13 years. Their hits are immediately recognizable to listeners of Christian radio, as they include “Audience of one,” “Fields of Grace,” “Every Time I Breathe,” and many others. But now, the group releases their ninth studio album on Fervent Records, titled Love Come to Life, and already the title track, their first radio single from this album, has reached #1! It’s clear that Big Daddy Weave’s fresh worship is well received by fans, and Love Come to Life is sure to be no exception.

With a rather long, but beautiful piano intro, “Jesus Move” opens up the Love Come to Life album powerfully. This beautiful piano makes the sound of the opening track and returns throughout the entire album. Supportive background vocals also join in to make “Jesus Move” a strong cry for more of God in our lives. A simple declaration of praise, “Magnificent God,” follows still strongly. The highlight of this track is definitely the fast-paced lyrics that make for a great sing-along.

The #1 single “Love Come to Life” is a cry for more of God’s love in our life, and especially enjoyable is the still bridge where Mike Weaver’s strong vocals take preeminence. “Stay,” a very poignant track, expresses the need for strength to continue staying and waiting for God to move. It’s very relatable, but doesn’t only address the hardship of waiting, but excellently finds an answer in God’s power.

The melodic “Different Light” finds Mike Weaver sounding very similar to Michael Tait! It’s actually surprising how close it sounds to a more funky dcTalk track, and there are nice harmonies to back up his powerful vocals, in addition to his high “oohs” at the end of the fun track. For these reasons, “Different Light” would be my personal favorite off Love Come to Life. “If You Died Tonight” follows, simply asking the question “If you died tonight, where would you be?” It’s a salvation message, and has a very nice string backing and strong drums to accompany it.

The slower “Redeemed” follows, a song of celebration for the work Christ has done in our lives, while the catchy pop track “The Only Name (Yours Will Be)” speaks of the power in the name of Jesus – a very fun track with plenty of fill-ins, and another great sing-along.

Strings and beautiful piano make “Save My Life” a phenomenal track of desperation. “”Maker of the Wind” has a very jolly sound, borrowing lyrics from Psalm 27, remembering that the God of all the universe is still with us, giving us hope through those times. Big Daddy Weave’s beloved country aspect that made “Fields of Grace” a popular radio single again appears in this happy track.

The rocker “Give My Life Away” has a Me In Motion sentiment to it, and is a rocking worship anthem that will be sure have the listener moving in their seats and singing along at the top of their lungs. Again, Mike Weaver’s vocals are accentuated, half the highlight of this awesome track. “Overwhelmed” closes the Love Come to Life album, with soft vocals in a song of thanksgiving for the countless ways that God has shown His love to us. The children’s choir that ends the album is truly breathtaking.

Love Come to Life is probably a bit more contemporary that Big Daddy Weave’s previous albums, but it definitely is an amazing project! With one listen through, you will be wowed by the honesty, the amazing vocals, the mix of worship and fun tracks, and all the rest. It’s a deep listen that will leave you encouraged, uplifted, and thankful for all of God’s goodness that He shows toward us each day.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: April 17, 2012

Track listing:
1. Jesus Move
2. Magnificent God
3. Love Come to Life
4. Stay
5. Different Light
6. If You Died Tonight
7. Redeemed
8. The Only Name (Yours Will Be)
9. Save My Life
10. Maker of the Wind
11. Give My Life Away
12. Overwhelmed

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