Friday, March 2, 2012

Veggietales: Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men Review

Veggietales has created many popular retellings of fairy tales and classic stories such as Wizard of Ha’s¸ It’s a Meaningful Life, Lord of the Beans, Princess and the Popstar, and plenty more. But the interesting thing is, each one seems to be better and more creative than its preceding film. The next in this installment of shows promoting “Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun” is Robin Good and His Not So Merry Men, a child-friendly retake on the Robin Hood classic.

Robin Good and His Not So Merry Men tells the story of Robin Good, who, with his merry men (of course), attempts to save the town of Bethlingham from destruction. Their method? Taking donations from the rich to give to the poor. Their work is somewhat successful until the greedy prince of Bethlingham begins hogging all the hams in the kingdom for himself! Each one is shaped differently, as he says, so he’s never satisfied. But then, when Robin Good’s men leave to try stealing instead of accepting donations, they get caught by the prince! Robin feels hurt and betrayed, when he turns to the only source of healing for hurt – Jesus.

Another mini-film, "Lenny & the Lost Birthday" opens the DVD. Centering around Junior Asparagus having an awful day when thinking his parents have forgotten his birthday, he also learns to handle his hurt. He latter finds out that he forgot about leap day, and his birthday follows the next day! This mini-film was absolutely adorable, as the narration is poetic and child-friendly. It’s also cool to get inside a whole new world with Veggietales, as they show dogs, Junior’s entire family, his bedroom, stairs, and kitchen. They also show a schoolroom, bus, and more.

Robin Good and His Not So Merry Men also features a hysterical silly song, performed again by Boys In the Sink (B.I.T.S.)! Titled “Bubble Wrap,” I enjoyed this silly song more than usual, because I can totally relate to the topic of loving to pop bubble wrap! This particular one was actually fan-voted, and is also featured on Veggietales' If I Sang a Silly Song DVD that was released back in January.

I really enjoyed the fact that Veggietales chose to address the topic of how to handle hurt. I think this is something that everyone struggles with, and Veggietales makes it as simple as taking it to God and resting in His love for each of us. Kids will learn to put Psalm 55:22 into practice, which says: “Give your burdens to the Lord for He will take care of you.” Also available with the Robin Good and His Not So Merry Men is a special pack of Veggie Bandages, that say “There’s No Hurt to Big For God,” and also the “Robin Good Guide to Handling Hurt,” two additional tools which will help children put into practice the message they’ve learned through this film.

Veggietales has stayed true to their pattern of hilarious, uplifting, child-friendly entertainment. Yet, I’m sure even adults will enjoy this one! Hairy veggies that retell the Robin Hood classic will no doubt be a sensation for the whole family!

Running time: 45 minutes


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