Friday, March 16, 2012

The Beautiful Refrain: Redemption-Daylight Review

I love bands where you can hear the heart more than the music. Such is the case with The Beautiful Refrain, making their debut Redemption: Daylight on Mosaic Artistry Group. The group, calling themselves after their desire to be a lifelong song of praise to God, delivers five relatable upbeat rock anthems with their debut EP.

“Page One,” The Beautiful Refrain’s first radio single, puts into words the non-complex message of the gospel. In page one of the Bible, we read of God’s desire to live and walk with us, in page two we read of the fall, and for the rest of the book we read of God’s plan for redemption and His love for us. This excellent single is especially highlighted by the fronting line of the chorus: “With a broken heart I’ll praise You, with a broken heart I’ll give You all I am.” “Run Away,” complete with deep bass and wonderful vocals, is a serious track, from the perspective of Jesus, talking of the seriousness of discipleship, that we must leave all behind to follow Him.

“Tiger Face!” rocks, but again, is serious lyrically. Its lyrics are theatrical, portraying a spiritual battle between Satan and us in a relatable way. It also offers hope in the fact that we as Christians have already won the battle through Christ. Lead guitar also adds to the perfection of this track. “Lowly Sound” follows, speaking of how we are nothing apart from Christ. Strong but worshipful, the lyrics of the chorus are very heart-felt and easy to sing along to: ”To you I raise this lowly sound/ the Great High Priest with a shameful crown/ water, blood pouring from your side/ the humble King redeems his bride.”

“You Said” closes the album, but is certainly not the least on the album! In fact, it is this closing track that summarizes the ministry of The Beautiful Refrain. “You Said” covers the gospel from beginning to end, starting with brokenness and confusion and goes on to explore the gospel message. With booming drums, “You Said” speaks of the Redemption and Daylight we find in Christ, also explaining the album title Redemption:Daylight.

The Beautiful Refrain has everything I look for in a band – humility, rocking tunes, Christ-centered lyrics, excellent vocals – it all! This is a group to watch. Redemption:Daylight is a hope-filled, catchy worship/rock project that you will not want to miss!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: March 17, 2012

Track listing:
1. Page One
2. Run Away
3. Tiger Face!
4. Lowly Sound
5. You Said

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