Friday, March 2, 2012

Miami Vineyard LIVE CD Review

What happens when songwriters and musicians from all backgrounds gather together to worship the Lord? In this particular instance, the result is Miami Vineyard Live's new CD. Approximately two thousand people gathered for a few nights of worship, laying aside their musical prejudices, combining them in unanimous worship. This album, recorded live nearly a year ago, takes on a uniquely tropical sound, with touches of gospel, funk, and even modern worship -- all to be expected from a worship album recorded in Miami, Florida.

Overall, I was not totally used to the tropical/Latin setting for this thirteen track album, but you can't argue that the album as a whole is very fun and worshipful, simultaneously encouraging listeners to band together in unity. From the moment Miami Vineyard Live's album begins with the ice-breaking, jazzy piano in "At All Times," to the time it closes with a slower rendition of Chris Tomlin's worship anthem "How Great is Our God," it is clear that unity in Christ comes before the musical genre. Along the way, comes "Glori A Dios Solo (With My Whole Heart)" containing a choiral host, the truly worshipful and more modern sounding "I Love Your Mercy," the funky and lead-guitar cover of Martha Munizzi's "At All Times," the serene piano cover of "Breathe," and more.

If you enjoy Latin worship, this is one you'll want to check out! There is even a Spanish song that sets that mood perfectly. For me, this didn't quite go along with my musical taste, but all thirteen tracks have wonderful, worship-filled lyrics, and witnessing the musical diversity in worship was another enjoyable aspect.

Rating: 3/5

Track listing:
1. Holy Spirit Come
2. Gloria A Dios Solo (With My Whole Heart)
3. Lord Reign In Me
4. I Love Your Mercy
5. At All Times (The Lord is My Rock)
6. If You Say Go
7. Everything to Me
8. WIth All of My Heart
9. Your Name is Great
10. You Restored Me
11. Breathe
12. Hallelujah Anyhow
13. How Great Is Our God

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