Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flame: The 6th Review

Flame is a critically-acclaimed hip-hop artist. His previous five albums earned the artist much respect in the industry, award nominations and much airplay shooting him to the top of the Christian hip-hop scene. And now, Flame is back with his highly-anticipated project The 6th. But why The 6th for a title? Well for one, it’s Flame’s sixth studio project. But with this project, Flame explores why God choose to make us on the sixth day in His image, as he encourages the listener to remember that we are representatives of God in this world. And ironically, the album drops on March 6th, on his self-created record label Clear Sight Music. The album also features several of the artists on his label, including Young Noah and V. Rose, plus also features appearances from Lecrae, Decemberadio, and others.

“Try Me” opens up the album, and whereas it’s not very melodious, and is very repetitious, it does have a fantastic message of wanting to be tested and tried by God. Featuring Chris Lee, “The 6th Day” follows, speaking of the reason we were made. I am a big fan of touching hip-hop tracks that have a nice chorus with powerful messages throughout the verse – and this was one of them. Especially enjoyable was the chorus: “We were made to know You, meant to behold You and praise Your holy name/ it’s the reason we were made…”

The haunting “The Great Deception” goes back to the Garden of Eden, speaking of the fall of man, and how Satan so easily ensnares us. Interestingly, it points out that it was man’s appetite that caused him to sin, something I never saw through that light. “Show Out” follows, featuring Lecrae. With chanting vocals, the lyrics reflect that of Lecrae’s music, that life is about God and reaching others for Him, not about us – a very powerful message.

And while “Trap Money” features Thi’sl and Young Noah, as it speaks of the fact that the love of money is the root of all evil, and not something that fixes all our problems, the 53-second “Man” speaks of all the good that man has accomplished, but how none of it will get us into heaven. “Caught In the Lights” features dynamic and refreshing vocals from V. Rose, as the track is a prodigal son-type track, inviting the listener to come back home and find rest in Jesus. Half because of V. Rose’s amazing vocals, “Caught In the Middle” was my personal favorite off Flame’s album The 6th.

“He Did It Again” has a disco-twist to the tempo, as it celebrates the work of salvation that Christ has done in our lives. I am a huge fan of this type of hip-hop, very melodic and a track that one definitely needs to add to their “Go List”! “Scripture Alone” and “Running,” both a bit more on the chaotic side of things, have great messages nevertheless, “Scripture Alone” speaking of the importance of taking in God’s Word, and “Running” taking on the sound of an anthem.

V. Rose appears again in “Against the World,” her soft vocals making for an extreme thought-provoker, especially through the end of the chorus: “Do You love me enough that you would really give up the world?” “Devil’s Bread” follows as the climax of the album, speaking of how even Jesus was tempted because of His appetite, but how He didn’t sin even when He was tempted. On the same note, “Christ Alone” comes, and The 6th closes with “Let Go,” a powerful track that features Decemberadio. It offers hope to those who are worn and weary, encouraging them to find rest and comfort in God.

Flame’s albums can preach a whole sermon! The 6th proves to be an excellent commentary on temptation and the power of God that helps us resist it. In addition to his powerful messages and catchy tunes, the guest appearances (especially of V. Rose and Decemberadio) added a touch of melody to the album, making The 6th an excellent hip-hop album.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: March 6, 2012

Track listing:
1. Try Me (feat. Young Noah)
2. The 6th Day (feat. Chris Lee)
3. The Great Deception
4. Show Out (feat. Lecrae)
5. Trap Money (feat. Thi’sl and Young Noah)
6. Man
7. Caught in the Lights (feat. V. Rose)
8. He Did It Again (feat. AD3)
9. Scripture Alone
10. Running (feat. Steve T)
11. Against the World (feat. V. Rose)
12. Devil’s Bread Intro
13. Devil’s Bread
14. Christ Alone
15. Let Go (feat. Decemberadio)


  1. Cool review! Flame's got some awesome music and I'm going to need to check out this album!

  2. I agree with some of your remarks, but definitely think that this album deserves a 5-star rating. First of all, the song that's your favorite is actually called "Caught in the Lights" rather than "Caught in the Middle." And, "He Did It Again" is more on the pop side, rather than a disco beat. Disco is from the 70's and that track is completely contemporary.

  3. Thanks, Justin! :)

    Anonymous: The reviews I post are 100% my personal opinion. I'm really glad you love the album, but I am personally not the biggest fan when it comes to the hip-hop genre. My rating is based on how I enjoyed the CD as a whole, plus the lyrical content (which was great!).

    And thank you for pointing out the song title error -- it has been fixed. :)

  4. Thanks for the review! I totally LOVE this album. It's so trendy and modern. The album could easily give what you hear on today's secular radio a run for its money. This cd shows you why Flame is one of the most popular and sought after Christian rappers in Christian Hip-Hop. The high quality of "The 6th" is what you would expect from a Grammy & multi-Dove award nominee. This album is a must have!.....the only thing I disagree with is that I'm going to have to side with "anonymous" and say he should get 5 stars...which begs the question, if you don't prefer the hiphop genre does that unfairly impact the rating?

  5. Devin,

    No it does not. The review is 100% my opinion, and every music site you will ever read reviews on will give their honest opinion. In addition, remember that a 3.5/5 rating is proportionally a 7/10, which is still good. I am not biased, I am simply delivering my personal opinion. I can't give an album a 5-star rating if I personally didn't enjoy it, even if I know that other readers will say it's the best album they've ever heard.

    Thank you for commenting!


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