Monday, February 6, 2012

Yancy: Little Praise Party -- Happy Day Everyday Review

Yancy has been ministering the gospel to children for years now. Her accomplishments span far and wide, including writing the chart topping single “I Don’t Want to Go” for CCM Powerhouse group Avalon. Now, Yancy is reaching out to even younger children through Happy Day Everyday, an interactive CD/DVD that teaches the young audience about Christ’s love and other important Christian lessons.

The CD includes 16 high-energy praise tracks that give kids plenty of opportunities to dive into the music and sing along. Among the many, “The Springtime Song,” a fun piano-pop track, reminds children that the reason for Easter is to celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive! Yancy also sings of the true meaning of Christmas through the slower “Away in a Manger” and fun “It’s Christmastime.” Some of the tracks are humorous and repetitive, and will definitely have children laughing and singing along. The country-flavored “Don’t Be A Turkey” gears toward Thanksgiving, stating “Don’t be a turkey, just say thanks!” and gives kids reasons to be thankful. And probably my favorite – yes, adults will enjoy most of these rocking tunes, too! – is “Love One Another,” a fun Scripture track, encouraging children to share, be kind, and love one another the way Christ loves them.

Also included on the DVD are interactive lyric videos. These are purely adorable, especially for “Love One Another” which portrays cartoon characters sharing ice cream and lending a helping hand when one of them trips in the park. I can guarantee that the 1-7 year old audience will have a blast with these, learning the lyrics and loving the child-friendly graphics.

Yancy’s Little Praise Party: Happy Day Everyday definitely will reach out to children everywhere with the gospel of Christ. If you’re a parent and looking for ways to combine Christian entertainment with Godly lessons for your young ones, this is a great tool! What a blessing it will be to hear your children going around the house singing Scripture passages and Biblical lessons! :)

Release date: January 10, 2012

Track listing:

1. Brand New Day
2. Shout!
3. Go!
4. Love One Another
5. Hosanna Rock
6. One, Two, Three
7. The Springtime Song
8. The Dog Song
9. Happy Birthday to You
10. Bye, Bye, Bye
11. I Like To
12. Don’t Be A Turkey
13. God is Good to Me
14. Away In A Manger
15. It’s Christmastime
16. Love One Another (Lullaby Mix)

Bye, Bye, Bye
Don’t Be A Turkey
Happy Birthday to You
Hosanna Rock
I Like To
It’s Christmas Time
Love One Another (Lullaby Mix)
Love One Another
One Two Three

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  1. This sounds like a really good CD!

    I think its awesome when singers/bands make music for younger children.


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