Monday, February 6, 2012

Worth Dying For: Live Riot Review

Riding on the success of last year’s Love Riot album, Worth Dying For is now releasing a live project, appropriately titled Live Riot. The 17-track album offers nearly an hour and a half of worship songs, both brand new and other hits from their previous handful of records. But before you take a listen to Worth Dying For’s live record, be sure to throw away any preconceptions you may have. This isn’t a band that fits into any mold. Though predominately a worship band, you’ll hear moments of hip-hop, hard rock, and Holy Spirit leading all on one record!

After an exciting intro, titled “Rebuild,” in which we hear a call for revival, the energetic “Arise” is an electronic and full rock anthem for believers to awake from darkness and come into the light. Audience participation is a highlight of “Never Look Back,” which takes on more of a Hillsong United sound. It is a very high-energy anthem with loud handclapping and repetitive lyrics celebrating the freedom we have found in Christ.

Freedom rings from “Freedom is Rising,” where an alive drumbeat makes for an exciting listen. Rhythmic lyrics are also a highlight, easily one of the best listens off Live Riot. “One Love” is led by Worth Dying For leader Christy Johnson, another energetic track that celebrates God’s unending, unconditional love for us. “Love Riot” follows, as the theme song of the whole live record and Worth Dying For’s music as a whole, turning the world upside down by loving them the way Christ has loved us. Obviously a fan-favorite, “Love Riot” is one track where you can hear the crowd screaming out the lyrics, and you can definitely imagine the audience participating in according with the freeing lyrics of the track.

“World Can’t Take It Away” is the last in the first set of upbeat worship songs, but “Risen From The Grave,” a nine-minute powerful celebration of the free gift of salvation, follows well. “Closer” and “All I Want” (a reprise of “Closer”) take on a more slower Hillsong sound (even sounding like Darlene Zschech is leading), and both are heart-felt prayers that we may come closer to Jesus and know Him personally.

And while “Higher” commemorates the power in the name of Jesus, “Send Your Glory Down” stands out for its slightly repetitive lyrics asking for more of God’s glory in our lives. With the exception of “Taking Back,” Christy Johnson leads the remaining five tracks. It’s so awesome to be able to sense the hunger and presence of God that not only rests in the music, but flows through the speaker to the listener as well.

“Power of Your Love” and “Spirit of God” are a moving set of worship songs, both continuing for a while, very restful while the worship group waits on the Lord. “Light of Fire” is a prayer that our love for God would be kindled and burn, and is followed by my personal favorite off Live Riot, “Take Back.” Led by Sean Loche, it is very strong, though it is a slower worship song. With much crowd participation, we are led to claim back everything the enemy has stolen from us through God’s power. Strong guitar and drums add to the power and surreal sound of this worship song. “Savior” closes the album, beginning with a hip-hop sound, but taking on an explosive guitar worship track, led by the strong and worshipful line “come and release your fire again.” The album closes with Christy leading a prayer for more of God, a great way to close up the live album!

I love how Worth Dying For combines all genres of music into a really great worship project. There’s a little of everything on this project, so if you’re looking for worship music that’s more upbeat, Live Riot is definitely one you’ll want to check out!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: February 7, 2012

Track listing:
1. Rebuild
2. Arise
3. Never Look Back
4. Freedom is Rising
5. One Love
6. Love Riot
7. World Can’t Take It Away
8. Risen From the Grave
9. Closer
10. All I Want (Closer Reprise)
11. Higher
12. Send Your Glory Down
13. Power of Your Love
14. Spirit of God
15. Light a Fire
16. Taking Back
17. Savior

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  1. Good album review I like it I listened to it on New Release Tuesday and it was a real good album and I liked it. I will be looking forward to getting it as soon as I can.


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