Friday, February 10, 2012

Veggietales: If I Sang a Silly Song... DVD

It’s hard to believe that Veggietales is already celebrating two decades of making Christian entertainment. Over the past twenty years, Veggietales has released many DVDs, each featuring a silly song with Larry or an adaptation of it. And now, to celebrate two decades, Veggietales has released the If I Sang a Silly Song… DVD.

Veggietales has done Silly Song countdowns before, but what makes If I Sang a Silly Song… stand out is the hilarious Telethon setting. At the beginning, after Larry sings the Veggietales theme song for their live audience, he announces the arrival of an all-new silly song! Meanwhile, Veggietales operators answer phones and take pledges and suggestions for that new silly song. The results are tabulated by the abacus of Jimmy and Jerry Gourd, a twist which made the silly song DVD all the more humorous. The GRAMMY Awards setting was very enjoyable, including the red carpet and more.

In the first half of the DVD, the top ten silly songs of all times are counted down. Most of these I totally agreed with, “Sippy Cup,” “Monkey,” “Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo,” and “Goodnight Junior” among the mix. Several of these I had totally forgotten about, and they gave me a great laugh all over again. In the second segment of the show, as calls keep rolling in, the Veggies count down the top ten of the first ten years – the classics! You wouldn’t be wrong if you guessed that “His Cheeseburger” or “The Hairbrush Song” appeared, but there are eight other fantastic silly songs, “I Love My Lips,” “Endangered Love,” and “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” also making the list.

I was actually surprised at what a fun watch If I Sang a Silly Song… was. I believe that Veggietales did, in fact, take the best of the best for this 20-song countdown, and they also included a new song by Boyz in the Sink (B.I.T.S.) about bubble wrap! It’s a rap too, so you can’t go wrong, especially since it features K-lil! If I Sang a Silly Song… is an excellent collectible for the Veggietales fan. It even features karaoke options if you want to sing your own silly song! It’s definitely fun all around!

Official If I Sang a Silly Song... trailer!


Running time: Approximately 60 minutes 
Street date: January 24, 2012


  1. Oh my gosh, this sounds so cute...and silly!!!! I love Veggie Tales, am a kid at heart. Good review!

  2. Actually, I never watched veggie tales, didnt even know what it was. I am now surprised to hear that it's been around for two decades. I just got the dvd when grocery shopping with my son who is two. He loves songs and veggies and I thought that it'd be fun. It's better than that. My husband, the baby and I spend our days singing these songs. They are catchy and hilarious.


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