Monday, February 20, 2012

Twila Paris: God Shed His Grace... Review

Twila Paris has always been patriotic. In fact, the year that she was first able to vote during a Presidential election (1981), she released her first album Knowin’ You’re Around. The direction of our country and the blessings of freedom we have always impacted Twila’s music. Now, 31 years later, again another Presidential election year, Twila releases her 23rd album, God Shed His Grace: Songs of Truth and Freedom. The album is a collection of her patriotic songs, and also contains tracks more specifically about trusting God at all times of our life – good or bad. Twila Paris has also included two brand new tracks, “God of Our Fathers” and “America the Beautiful,” for diehard fans who own her entire collection already.

Twila Paris definitely did a great job picking the 13-tracks of this patriotic album. “God of Our Fathers,” a new track, has a really nice light keyboard background accentuating her angelic vocals. It shows that she has definitely stayed true to the soft contemporary style she is known for. “America the Beautiful,” recorded in her living room, is backed by soft strings. It’s not very strong, but is very peaceful. Let’s just say, Twila Paris needs to be singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl next year! :)

The others include the originals “Wisdom” and the title track from the 1999 release True North, “I Can Do All Things” and “There Is A Plan” from the more recent 2007 Small Sacrifice release, “What Did He Die For?” from the 1996 release Where I Stand, and more. And of course, no Twila Paris collection would be complete without “God is In Control” from what is perhaps her best and most popular album yet, Beyond a Dream, released in 1993. It’s possibly her most well-known track, and it fits perfectly on a patriotic album, reminding the listener that whatever happens in this country, God is in control.

God Shed His Grace is a fantastic collection of patriotic songs from one of Christian music’s classic female vocalists. Twila Paris’s passion and love of the United States of America is undeniable, and something that she spreads with her listeners. Fans of hers who do not yet own her greatest hits projects will definitely enjoy this release, and those who already own them will not want to miss out on the two originals recorded just for this project!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: February 28, 2012

Track listing:
1. God of Our Fathers
2. True North
3. Wisdom
4. I See You Standing
5. The Warrior is A Child
6. There Is a Plan
7. God is In Control
8. How Beautiful
9. I Can Do All Things
10. Runner
11. What Did He Die For?
12. America the Beautiful
13. What Am I Without You?

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