Thursday, February 2, 2012

Owl City: Live From Los Angeles DVD Review

Owl City has certainly had major success, to say the least. His debut Universal Republic album Ocean Eyes featured the runaway single "Fireflies" that reached both mainstream and Christian audiences, hitting #1 in 24 countries and charting at #1 twice in the United States! His anticipated follow-up All Things Bright And Beautiful was widely accepted by Owl City's (AKA Adam Young) universal audience. And now, dropping February 7th, is an exciting live DVD titled Live From Los Angeles. Recorded live at LA’s Club Nokia on July 21st, 2011, the DVD features an entire live recording from his All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour, with songs from both of his critically-acclaimed albums.

Live From Los Angeles is a brilliant and insanely fun DVD. Immediately, the awesome light show is a standout, as it is synched to Owl City's electronic dance/pop sound. Thunder and lightning effects make Adam's arrival on stage a blast, as does seeing the fans enthusiasm with his arrival!

The viewer can easily sense that the show is top-notch on both sides. Not only does Adam and his band go crazy for their thrilled fans, the fans shout every word and every line, enabling Adam to stop singing and the lyrics to continue being sung! The variety of instruments on sets, ranging from xylophones to various keyboards and drums makes watching the two-hour DVD totally worth it, as Adam himself puts his hand to many of the instruments. There are also several exciting instrumentals opening his popular songs such as "Fireflies" and "Galaxies" that have the fans going berserk.

From the acoustic performance of "The Bird and the Worm" to the more rocky twist of "Fireflies," where crazy fans take over the singing, to the special appearance of Shawn Chrystopher via hologram on "Alligator Sky," Live From Los Angeles is a real treat! Owl City fans will definitely be thrilled with this special DVD release. Even those who aren't necessarily Owl City fans will most likely enjoy the high-energy, action-packed live set of Adam Young and his band! This is the ultimate collectible for Owl City's biggest and craziest fans!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: February 7, 2012

Track listing
1. The Real World
2. Cave In
3. Hello Seattle
4. Angels
5. Swimming in Miami
6. Umbrella Beach
7. I'll Meet You There
8. Plant Life
9. Setting Sail
10. The Bird and the Worm
11. Lonely Lullaby
12. Fireflies
13. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust
14. Kamikaze
15. Meteor Shower
16. January 28, 1986
17. Galaxies
18. Alligator Sky
19. Deer in the Headlights
20. The Yacht Club
21. How I Became the Sea
22. If My Heart was a House

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  1. Looks like a good DVD there from Owl City. Good review for it and I liked it. I seen that Adam Young had a free download of songs from Owl City and other songs he did. I got it and only listened to one song but it was a good song. Anyways check it out as soon as you can as it is on Noise Trade and you can find the link to it on the Owl City official fan page on Facebook.


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