Friday, February 10, 2012

Nine Lashes: World We View Review

Newcomers to Christian rock, Nine Lashes, have already been making a name for themselves through their radio single “Anthem of the Lonely.” To add to their success, the rock group will be heading out on RED’s Red-volution Tour 2012 which also features Thousand Foot Krutch and Manafest. But what sets Nine Lashes apart from the rest of the Christian rock scene is not their heavy rock, mature vocals, or their musical creativity. It’s their undeniable love for God that rings out of every track, and their mission to tell the lost that they have a purpose.

The rocking single “Anthem of the Lonely,” a high-energy track, kicks things off, encouraging those who feel alone to stand up for themselves. With a cool piano intro, “The Intervention” is my favorite track off World We View, speaking of taking your dreams and showing them to the world, despite what they have to say. Especially considerable is the second verse: “See, if we let them take what was ours to conceive then these circumstances, they will never die/ so if you believe the world has killed your dreams/ just take your turn to shine/ indeed, the brilliant invention is mine/ I have their attention.”

And for those times when someone in our life never ceases to attempt to push us down comes “Get Down.” The deep and emphatic vocals are accentuated through this track, which also comes with plenty of fill-ins at the end of the chorus, definitely provoking listener participation. “Afterglow” follows, much softer but still with pounding drums and strong guitars on the chorus. A heart-breaking track, “Afterglow” speaks of loneliness and the struggle to move on after a close family member’s death. Nice strings in the background help increase of the emotion of this track.

“Adrenaline,” very appropriately titled, is full of adrenaline with it’s heavy rock that sounds almost identical to Thousand Foot Krutch! No surprise, however, because it features TFK’s lead vocalist Trevor McNevan! It will definitely be a great one for Nine Lashes to play live for it’s live feel, but the lyrics go deeper, challenging the listener to chase their dreams. “Believe Your Eyes” has a slight haunting feel to it with techno effects here in there, making for another excellent track.

“Our Darkest Day” brings to mind RED in every way, even with similar lyrics and vocals that sound remarkably like Michael Barnes from RED. It also features Ryan Clark from Demon Hunter, easily making for one of the best tracks off the World We View record. With higher vocals, “Memo” turns toward a Thousand Foot Krutch sound again, speaking again of living out the dreams inside of you.

Techno effects begin “Write It Down,” which boasts on behalf of Nine Lashes’ excellent song writing. Consider the lyrics of the chorus, for instance: “Write it down/ scream it aloud/ don't let it go/ There's so many deafened ears/ So dead in wrong/ Cause simple is as simple goes/ if only the deaf would hear.” “The Void,” a track of confusion, is very full, “ooh’s” echoing throughout the background. Following, an acoustic track, “My Friend,” closes the album on a soft note, speaking to someone going through a hard time, encouraging them to just say what they need to say, and offers a listening ear.

Nine Lashes is what you get when you mix the sounds of RED and Thousand Foot Krutch with a powerful message of hope for the broken. This rock band shows much promise – definitely a band to watch!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: February 14, 2012

Track listing:
1. Anthem of the Lonely
2. The Intervention
3. Get Down
4. Afterglow
5. Adrenaline (featuring Trevor McNevan)
6. Believe Your Eyes
7. Our Darkest Day (featuring Ryan Clark)
8. Memo
9. Write It Down
10. The Void
11. My Friend


  1. I reviewed this album too, (I haven't posted it yet) but I LOVE it! I have been looking for a band like this! I am bummed that I won't beable to go to the Redvolution tour though! I bet you can't guess what my favorite song is! ;) LoL

  2. I did not know Ryan Clark was a guest on this album. Love Ryan Clark. Also, you can try and win tickets to the Redvolution tour by liking Kiros on Facebook and follow instructions if they haven't given them away yet.


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