Monday, February 20, 2012

For King and Country: Crave Review

Breakout Christian group of the year For King and Country has already been enjoying much success, even before the release of their debut full-length album. Not only has their single “Busted Heart” been doing exceptionally well at radio, they’ve also watched their songs “Light it Up,” “Love’s to Blame,” “Sane,” and “People Change” be featured on popular TV shows! Whether that be because of their ear-grabbing harmonies, hopeful lyrics of finding healing for a broken heart, or their musical diversity, it’s clear that For King and Country deserves the recognition they’ve received, and that Crave is poised to be a top album of 2012 for the listeners.

With a strong message of overcoming depression, “Light It Up” begins with soothing piano and soft vocals from Joel and Luke. Listening to this powerful song build through each portion makes it totally personal to someone struggling with the issue of depression, as the chorus encourages them to: “Light it up and let it go, don’t you see that you are not alone?” With strong strings comes “The Proof of Your Love,” sounding very much like what you would expect from Rebecca St. James (and it’s no wonder, since they are her siblings!). Based on 1 Corinthians 13, the both serene and strong track is a prayer that our life would show the love of Christ to those around us (“Let my love be the proof of Your love”).

The techno tempo in the background of “Missing” is very enjoyable, but the lyrics address a broken relationship. Following appropriately is For King and Country’s radio single “Busted Heart,” lighter than most of the tracks off their new album Crave, but very hopeful. Especially a standout is the message than in brokenness, we can call on Jesus to hold on to us during the hard time. This track has already been ministering to those in this position, and I have no doubt that it will continue to do so.

“People Change” speaks of relationship breakups, but with very high vocals, also speaks of how people can change, and relationships can be fixed if they are allowed to. “Middle of Your Heart” is especially a standout for it’s rhythmic and extremely catchy melody. Both brothers together have superb vocals, and it’s easy to hear from this track. In some parts, it almost sounds like Downhere with Marc Martel’s high but manly vocals. “Love’s To Blame,” a soft song with beautiful strings, speaks of two people previously wanting a relationship, but knowing it wasn’t meant to be. Despite its disappointing lyrics, it’s an extremely beautiful track.

“Fine Fine Life” is a celebration of the good in life, very upbeat and fun, something that you can crank up in your car and roll down the windows! The album comes to a slower note with the final three tracks off Crave, “Sane,” “Pushing on A Pull Door,” and the title track. The title track puts a wonderful ending to Crave, speaking of how hope is what we truly crave. It encourages the listener that no matter what happens in their life, God’s grace will get us through anything. It’s the slowest track off the album, but the sereneness makes the message of this powerful title track stick out all the more.

Crave, For King and Country’s debut full-length project, will no doubt make the listener an immediate fan. Their lyrical creativity, musical diversity, and superb vocals make them a standout from the current Christian music scene, as does their positive messages of finding hope for brokenness and enjoying the life God has given us. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more from For King and Country as their message enables them to sneak their Christ-centered lyrics into mainstream markets as well as find national airplay for their singles.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: February 28, 2012

Track listing:
1. Light it Up
2. The Proof of Your Love
3. Missing
4. Busted Heart (Hold On to Me)
5. People Change
6. Middle of Your Heart
7. Love’s to Blame
8. Fine Fine Life
9. Sane
10. Pushing on a Pull Door
11. Crave


  1. Oh wow! Im excited about this one,hmm 2nd job to support all these great albums :) I can tell you enjoyed this album lol and wow did you say Downhere! What a compliment

  2. YAY!!!! I was so excited when I heard For King and Country at WINTERJAM! I bought a CD afterwards and pretty much listened none stop! Then I started to get really busy and haven't had much time to listen to any music. But the other day I was driving in my car and I heard them on the radio and I was like "Who is this?! OH WAIT! I love this band." I was sooooo excited when I heard them.
    They are awesome!


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