Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tidewater: This Beautiful Life EP Review

Brett Allen, better known as Tidewater, has been making a name for himself ever since his self-published debut The Seas We Sail. After releasing a follow-up digital EP with major success (charting at iTunes Singer/songwriter chart at #4), Brett re-released his independent project with an added cover of “Christ is Risen,” originally performed by Matt Maher. Now signed, Brett returns with his Inpop Records debut, a three-song EP titled This Beautiful Life. Though it's short, it’s enough to show you what a polished singer/songwriter Brett actually is, and the listener will also be blown away to know that Brett did almost all the instruments by himself!

The powerful ballad “Not Just Any Love” immediately hits the listener with a sense of peace, as we are reminded of God’s unending love for us all. Honestly, it’s hard not to receive God’s love that penetrates through the speakers through the heart-felt lyrics: “It’s love, not just any love/ the love of the Father for His daughters and sons/ and no matter where you go, He’ll find you there…” More upbeat and fun, with more of a pop/rock twist, the title track single follows speaking of enjoying life, particularly Brett meeting his nephew for the first time. Closing the EP, overpowering strings and a quirky drumbeat help compose “Desire,” a mournful track despite its fun tempo. It speaks of how we often get lost in desires that hold us to the ground.

The This Beautiful Life EP by Tidewater is simply a masterpiece! Check out this EP and you will definitely be pumped up for the full-length album by the same name, to be released later this year. You will not want to miss Tidewater’s eclectic beats, deep lyrics, and enjoyable music!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: January 24, 2012

Track listing:
1. Not Just Any Love
2. This Beautiful Life
3. Desire


  1. Hey Jay

    It's Kevin, Brett's producer. Just wanted to thank you for such a great review. We've appreciated your support and insight immensely. Thanks again Jay.


  2. Good EP review I liked it. I will be checking it out as soon as I can.


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