Monday, January 30, 2012

Starfield: The Kingdom Review

If you’ve been a fan of Christian music for a few years, you’ve probably heard of Starfield. The Sparrow Records band released a handful of critically acclaimed, award-winning albums. Among the many singles the band has released, “I Will Go” probably stands out the most, with “Reign In Us,” “Hosanna,” “Glory is Rising,” and “Son of God” also helping Starfield make a name for themselves. But now, after 12 long years, Starfield is now venturing out on their own with The Kingdom, a ten-track independent project.

Starfield hopes to move the listener through their new album. As lead singer Tim Neufeld shared, we all want to be part of a movement, but first we ourselves need to be moved. The Kingdom from Starfield hopes to lead the listener toward God in an act of surrender toward Him.

Sounding much like Switchfoot, “Natural Disaster” opens the album speaking of the chaos that erupts when we fall away from our relationship with God. Lead guitar and overlapping vocals help make the opening track an excellent rocker! A bit slower, “Burn For You” is a prayer that God would fan the flames of our relationship with Him and cause us to burn with passion for His name. Lyrically, it’s a complete U-turn from the opening track, which is very cool.

With hand-clapping and acoustic guitar comes the title track, sounding much like a campfire sing-along. The revival sound is quite enjoyable, one that will most likely have the listener hitting repeat. The standout line from the chorus, “For the kingdom of our God carries on” will no doubt get stuck in the listener’s head as well. From the perspective of God, “Just Surrender” is serene, as we hear God speak over us, how He wants to heal our broken hearts and take away our fears if we simply surrender our lives to Him. It’s quite a heart-touching track.

“Heart and Flesh” is another phenomenal track, especially the heartfelt bridge that builds excellently: “And I am satisfied, oh I am satisfied in You!/ And I would trade it all for one day in Your courts.” Both musically and lyrically, the bridge is probably the greatest part of the entire album collectively. Following is Starfield’s cover of they hymn “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” and the guys add in a nice chorus, making for a great change.

“All I Want Is You” is a rocker, again sounding like an upbeat Switchfoot track, while “Innocence and Other Things Lost” is a haunting track speaking of being a soul in progress, as the band put it. The harmonious “Speak Now Jesus” portrays pure desperation, an utmost desire to hear Jesus speak into our souls – very relatable and beautiful. And lastly, the upbeat “Light of the World” is a prayer that God would shine His light through us into the dark world around us.

Starfield has definitely succeeded at moving their audience. The heart-felt songs of surrender, and admittance of how we need God for our every breath are very welcome. Amazing songs of worship, mixed with a handful of upbeat rockers make The Kingdom a fantastic project, one that will resonate with your spirit and encourage you in your walk with Christ.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 31, 2012

Track listing:
1. Natural Disaster
2. Burn for You
3. The Kingdom
4. Just Surrender
5. Heart and Flesh
6. I Have Decided
7. All I Want is You
8. Innocence and Other Things Lost
9. Speak Now Jesus
10. Light of the World

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  1. Awesome album review I liked it. Looking forward to getting it as soon as I can since I love Starfield and their music. Seen them in concert more than once and it was real awesome too.


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