Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rapzilla Announces New Album King Kulture to Sponsor Education in the Congo

If you're a fan of Christian hip-hop, I have good news for you!, the world's largest Christian Hip Hop website, in conjunction with Syntax Distribution, is releasing a collaboration album on January 31st, 2012! The 16-song album, titled King Kulture, features all your favorite hip-hop artists including KJ-52, Lecrae, GRITS, Benjah, and plenty more! The cool thing is, all the proceeds go toward a school in the Congo, Ecole de la Borne. By buying the album, you will provide school supplies and scholarships for the students there. How cool is that? The whole album is worth a purchase just for that, whether or not hip-hop is your favorite genre, right?

Highlights from the new album include track #8, "Drop It On 'Em," by KJ-52 and featuring Japhia Life and Kelly Kelz. Also, "New Shalom (Dubstep Remix)" is performed by Lecrae, one of hip-hop's front acts, and it also features Pro!

Below is the official track listing. Do NOT miss this album on January 31st! You'll be getting some awesome hip-hop music for your ears, while helping sponsor a worthy cause. Below is the official track listing and album art:

Track listing:
1 Welcome to the Kulture (George Moss, Amber Fugitt)
2 Beautiful Thing (GRITS)
3 Lift Up ( Braille)
4 Faith (Dezcry)
5 Get Wise (Sho Baraka)
6 Breaking Out The Box (theBREAX)
7 It's Going Down (Benjah, Watchman, Stefanatto)
8 Drop It On Em (KJ-52, Japhia Life, Kelly Kelz)
9 Nothing For Us (Eshon Burgundy, HotHandz)
10 Fight On (Young Joshua)
11 Beautiful Struggle (Yaves the Street Pastor, Ron Riley)
12 Don't Leave The Dash Out (K-Drama)
13 Stop (Jeremiah Bonds)
14 King Kulture (Beautiful Eulogy, Theory Hazit, Lee Green)
15 Bars (T-Word)
16 New Shalom Dubstep Remix (Lecrae, Pro)

Find out more details, including the pre-order link, on Rapzilla's official press release here.

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  1. Looks like a awesome album I can't wait to get it. I also heard that the song from Grits on this album will be their last song. Just letting you know about it.


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