Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lindsay McCaul: If It Leads Me Back Review

You may have already heard her radio single “Say My Name,” or seen her open for Casting Crowns on the Come to the Well Tour; or maybe you haven’t yet become familiar with her music. But the truth is, Lindsay McCaul is a very talented singer/songwriter. The Reunion Records artist releases her debut If It Leads Me Back, offering hope and encouragement for her listeners. Lindsay addresses personal topics such as feeling overwhelmed, struggling with eating disorders, or fighting to keep trusting in God. These topics, and more, make Lindsay’s music very easy to connect with.

If It Leads Me Back opens up with the nice contemporary track “Say My Name,” Lindsay’s first single. Based on the account in Genesis of Lot’s wife turning to a pillar of salt, “Say My Name” speaks of leaving the past behind and walking forward with God’s help. Fill-ins at the beginning and ending of the track are very enjoyable, as are Lindsay’s beautiful vocals that are very flexible. “Ready,” reminding me of Meredith Andrews’ music, speaks of how we can run to God and receive from Him at any time. We don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed before Him: “You are ready to answer every time I call/ You’re waiting to catch the pieces as they fall/ You’ve seen every tear/ standing by to drawn me near/ I am finally down on my knees/ and You are ready.”

“Come Rest,” co-written with Mia Fieldes, slows down a bit, as it speaks of finding rest in Jesus when we most feel overwhelmed. As was the case with Lindsay, we often feel so overwhelmed that we begin living our lives, and maybe even fulfilling our calling, outside of God’s help. God wants us to come and receive strength from Him, as “Come Rest” shares: “But I remember You said it’s done, so I come.”

The soft and absolutely powerful “Take My Hand” is based on Matthew 14, of Peter sinking in the waves. Even though he was afraid and began to doubt, Jesus grabbed His hand nevertheless. The lyrics of the chorus, a bit doubtful, are also filled with so much hope: “Didn’t You know that I’d be scared/ couldn’t You see I was unprepared/ I’m not asking for reasons You hold or the safety of land/ I just need You to hold my hand.”

“Face to Face,” a simple worship song based on Revelation 22, speaks of longing to see God’s face. Following is my personal favorite off the If It Leads Me Back record, “You Never Change.” Lindsay was challenged by Jason Ingram to write a happy song and this is the result – a Francesca Battistelli-style pop track speaking of how God never leaves us in the good times or bad. It’s definitely fun, inspiring, and makes for a great sing-along-song! :)

“Speak” is a cry out for God to speak into our life, especially at the times when we feel so dry, while “Hold On to Me” is a timeless acoustic-guitar track. Through this song, we are encouraged by remembering that, though at times we fail at holding on to God, He will always be holding on to us: “’Cause I’m not good at holding on, I’m weak/ I guess that’s how this is supposed to be/ when I am barely holding on, You hold on to me.”

And for the times when we have a decision to make and God seems to be silent, “Where Do You Go?” is another outstanding track. With strong strings that keep things from going too mellow, the lyrics of the chorus are very thought-provoking: “Where do you go when there’s no voice from Heaven/ where do you go when all you have are questions/ maybe the silence is His mercy and there’s beauty in His mystery/ You should know you’re not alone.”

The soft “Let Go” was written about an eating disorder, but addresses anything that keeps us captive… “So take me and hold me/ break me and mold me/ I want to let go.” Closing the album, “If It Leads Me Back to You” speaks of going through any storm in life if it leads us closer to our God. Co-written with Cindy Morgan, the sereneness makes for an excellent closer.

Lindsay McCaul’s debut If It Leads Me Back is very personal and relatable. Her angelic vocals combine with the message of hope and trusting in God during life’s many struggles perfectly. This album will open up for you more with each listen through. If you’re at a tough spot in your life, or even if you know the feeling all too well, this is an album I highly recommend. Fans of Meredith Andrews will also enjoy this project!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 17, 2012

Track listing:
1. Say My Name
2. Ready
3. Come Rest
4. Take My Hand
5. Face to Face
6. You Never Change
7. Speak
8. Hold On to Me
9. Where Do You Go?
10. Let Go
11. If It Leads Me Back


  1. Great review! After reading this, I want to pick up a copy myself. It sounds like an amazing debut project.

  2. Good album review I liked it. I will be getting this album as soon as I can. I love Ready as it is a real awesome song. I also got Take My Hand as a free download looking forward to listening to it as soon as I can.


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