Friday, January 6, 2012

Kari Jobe: Where I Find You Review

Gateway Worship leader Kari Jobe released her critically acclaimed self-titled album on Integrity Records in 2009, as her message of the beauty of God’s presence resonated with the listeners powerfully. Kari took home a Dove Award for her amazing debut, as both her angelic vocals and serene music made her an instant “click” with her fans. Now the award-winning artist returns with her debut on Sparrow Records, Where I Find You. Taking her music’s message one step further, Kari encourages listeners to pursue the presence of God and bask in His peace and love, while being thankful for the way He moves in our life. This message shines forth through Kari’s passionate lyrics in Where I Find You.

Classical strings open up the album with “Steady My Heart,” a nice contemporary track that speaks of finding peace and comfort in Jesus, when life seems so unpredictable and upside down – a message that is definitely relevant in today’s day and age! Borrowing its message from Ephesians 5, “We Are,” the first single off Where I Find You, follows, calling believers to awake from sleep and be the light of the world that God has called us to be. Especially perfect are the lyrics of the bridge: “So wake up sleeper, lift your head/ we were meant for more than this/ fight the shadows, conquer death/ make the most of the time we have…”

The simple “One Desire” is phenomenal, especially the repetitive rhetoric, “My heart will always sing ‘I love you!’” The listener will be singing along in no-time to this easy track, speaking of the wonderful peace that surrounds us when staying in God’s presence. Of course, Kari’s beautiful vocals are a perfect match for the peacefulness of this track. “Find You On My Knees” is very melodic, as Kari’s vocals sound stronger than ever, and aptly, the lyrics are also very strong speaking of finding God in all of life’s chaos when we get on our knees to hear His voice speak to us.

The happy and upbeat “Savior’s Here” is a celebration that God is always with us and will never leave us, while “Stars in the Sky” is a beautiful reminder that God has all under control. Mostly a piano track, and very timeless, “What Love is This?” speaks of the wonders of God’s love, confessing that He is “always enough for me,” making for a very still track.

“I Run to You” picks up the pace, again speaking of the One that we can run to when all of life seems to be crashing down around us, while “Rise” speaks of giving our all in praise to God as thanksgiving for His redemptive work in our lives. Kari also offers her powerful cover of “Love Came Down,” made popular by Seventh Day Slumber on their The Anthem of Angels album. Thought not quite as overpowering, it’s definitely more angelic and an amazing cover!

Closing the album, we hear the worshipful “We Exalt Your Name,” a simple track of praise to God, followed by the piano-only “Here,” a restful track reminding us that we can find refuge under the shadow of God’s wings whenever we go to Him.

Kari Jobe’s Where I Find You is an album you want to have on hand when you need some peace in life and want to bring in the presence of God. It’s peaceful, beautiful, and heavenly, and an excellent collection of tracks that encourage the listener to rest in, and experience the presence of God. Where I Find You is an excellent worship project!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 6, 2012

Track listing:
1. Steady My Heart
2. We Are
3. One Desire
4. Find You On My Knees
5. Savior’s Here
6. Stars in the Sky
7. What Love is This?
8. Run to You
9. Rise
10. Love Came Down
11. We Exalt Your Name
12. Here

Releases January 24, 2012! 

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  1. Good album review I like it. I loved We Are as it is a real awesome song. I know I will love the rest of the album when I hear it.


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