Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Kings Kid: Set Sail and Seek... Review

A 70/80s flashback -- that's what you get from an honest listen to The King's Kid's second full-length project, Set Sail and Seek... With 14 exciting and uniquely crafted tracks based largely on Scripture, The King's Kid offers fun punk rock infused with creative melodies and catchy rhythms.

The upbeat "Rise Up" takes the stage, changing tempos occasionally, with chanting and overlapping lyrics, reminding the listener, "today is the day that the Lord has made." "So Much More" follows, reminding the listener to live life to the fullest, while lead guitar furnishes "6 AM," which will have listeners singing along in no time to its catchy melody.

"Trust" and "Unfinished Road," both a bit chaotic but with fun melodies, speak of trusting in God -- and I might add that the excellent lyrics matched with the upbeat punk rock was quite unique. A little less upbeat, "Tomorrow Today" addresses knowing that your future rests in God's hands and tells a story of someone finding God's security and salvation for themselves, very cool to hear.

With a prodigal son theme, "Clean Face in a Dirty Place" follows, while "Skies Fall" is very melodic and enjoyable. "The Whole Picture" has a more grunge rock twist to it and is more playful, as it speaks of how God sees "the whole picture" and we can rest in Him. Lead guitar instrumentals also make it a standout.

"Jim Braddock," aptly a western-sounding track, is very fun, and is followed by a nice set of closing tracks. "Heaven's Rejoice," "See Dad Shine," and "Hoisted Anchors” all have awesome Christian lyrics, crazy punk rock, and even more surprises. The album closes up with the nice acoustic track "The Lighthouse, surprisingly very soothing.

The Kings Kid is a real treat for those who miss 70/80s punk rock. Though it's not particularly my style, the album's overwhelming theme of putting your trust in God despite circumstances is very encouraging. Fun, upbeat, crazy, and cool!

Rating: 3/5
Release date: December 7, 2011

Track listing:
1. Rise Up
2. So Much More
3. 6 AM
4. Trust
5. Unfinished Road
6. Tomorrow Today
7. Clean Face in a Dirty Place
8. Skies Await
9. The Whole Picture
10. Jim Braddock
11. Heaven's Rejoice
12. See Dad Shine
13. Hoisted Anchors
14. The Lighthouse

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