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Silversyde: Circus Circus Review

I was blown away when I watched Silversyde take the stage, as they opened up for The City Harmonic and Everyday Sunday. The chick-fronted hard-rock band rocked the stage like there was no tomorrow, offering songs of hope and healing to their audience. Shortly following, the band released their debut full-length Circus Circus to Raging Storm Records. After reading Silversyde’s testimony of deliverance and restoration first-hand from the members themselves, the music and ministry of this energetic rock group is much more meaningful, making Circus Circus an outstanding and enjoyable listen!

“Run to You” immediately catches the ear with explosive grunge guitars, extra bass, and steady drums. Lead singer Laura Jones holds out her vocals perfectly, making for an all together perfect track with a positive message of running to God for help in loneliness. The title track, a single that has already been making an impact at Christian Rock radio, follows wonderfully. And besides the excellent rock sound, comparable to that of Flyleaf (but with much better vocals, in my opinion), the lyrics are phenomenal: “The fool says in his own heart ‘I’m giving up and there is no God'/ All your life you’ve played that card in this circus, circus/ life is hard and there will be pain/ but nothing ventured is nothing gained/ never wanted to stay the same in this circus, circus now.” An upbeat instrumental with guitar screams between the chorus and bridge is one that will make the listener get up from their sit and move around, at work or not. :) (Watch the music video for "Circus Circus," here!)

Beginning softly, “Masquerade” speaks of faking something we’re not, but then, as with the opening two tracks, it wonderfully bursts into an upbeat rock track. “Hear Me” opens with awesome screamo, honestly some of the best I’ve heard yet, and the topic addressed is a great one – the battle of trying to hear God’s voice but feeling bombarded with pressure from all these other voices. This message seems to be a primary one in Silversyde’s music, one that I personally appreciate very much.

“Complete” slows things down a bit, but is a highlight for its strength, reminding the listener that – “You love me for who I am, and not who I want to be/ You’ll take all my mess and take me back again in Your love and complete!” Very strong but worshipful, this track is extraordinary. Another freedom song and a true rocker with a very cool piano mix, “Break Away” speaks of the pain that we cause ourselves by trying to do things our own way, and the freedom we find in Jesus: “Break Away/ it's time for a change/ I can't live my life if I'm not with You/ It all ends the same/ burnt down in flames/ So I'm ready for You to help me/ Break Away!”

“Can’t Let Go” speaks of the overwhelming love of God, and again has some awesome piano mixed in with the overpowering rock, while “The Silence” speaks of the peace we can find in the silence and presence of God. Unexpected guitar twists and turns especially make the latter quite the listen, in addition to the great and encouraging lyrics.

With an almost more pop twist, and special electronic effects throughout the chorus, “You Are There” contemplates the beauty of being in God’s presence, while “Love Song” rests on a slower, worshipful note. It doesn’t forget the guitars, however, and sings out of immense love to God for His love to us. Two acoustic performances, “Hold On” and “Firewall,” close up Circus Circus. Acoustic guitars, piano, tambourines, and Laura’s soft vocals make these acoustic performances very serene and enjoyable.  

Silversyde definitely knows how to rock, and Circus Circus is an absolutely amazing rock album! Their Spirit-filled grunge rock mixed with powerful and uplifting lyrics is very appreciated. I look forward to watching Silversyde grow as a band and share their message with the world while rocking out with their audiences. Awesome group, indeed!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: August 2, 2012

Track listing:
1. Run to You
2. Circus, Circus
3. Masquerade
4. Hear Me
5. Complete
6. Break Away
7. Can’t Let Go
8. The Silence
9. You are There
10. Love Song
11. Hold On (Acoustic)
12. Firewall (Acoustic)

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