Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shake the Nation: Follow Review

Healing for the broken and finding hope in Jesus Christ is a topic Shake the Nation is not afraid to address. The Dream Records’ group, a worship group from Bay Area Fellowship made a name for themselves with their debut Follow, which charted high on Christian rock charts, #6 on Christian Albums billboard. The solid debut will have you listening to this album on repeat, and definitely looking forward to more.

Comparable to Press Play’s “Life Is Beautiful,” “The Anthem” opens up Shake the Nation’s debut with grunge guitars and strong percussion. We immediately hear of the band’s name, as the chorus states emphatically, “We’re gonna shake the nations! Shout it loud/ shake the ground…” This bold and audacious track is a wonderful opener, and one that shows off lead singer Mark Marquez’s amazingly flexible vocals. Equally as upbeat, “Undone” speaks of complete brokenness and falling apart. A very honest track, the guitar instrumental following, after the track appears to have closed, is very enjoyable.

“You” is a passionate rocker, stating that all we want to do is “tell the world it’s you that’s changing me” while “Satisfy” slows things down a bit. Sounding very comparable to Seventh Day Slumber, we are reminded that only Jesus can satisfy us completely. This track is also very full, with fill-ins, strong guitars, and again, wonderful vocals.

And while the upbeat “No Greater Love” speaks of how Jesus is the best gift that could have ever been given, the serene and heart-felt “Hero” addresses the fact that we long to be set free and “need a hero to set us free.” The way the track builds is simply amazing, paving the way wonderfully for “Be Still,” a Scriptural track which admonishes the listener to be still and know that He is God – very worshipful and peaceful.

The more contemporary-sided “Open” states that we all have something to sing about, and the absolutely beautiful “You Hold Everything” is very worshipful, a track that makes you want to crank it up and throw up your hands along in worship. “How Beautiful,” also on the slower side of things, is a contemplative track, thinking of all that God has done for us.

You would expect the title track to be what it is – once again upbeat with strong guitars and vocals. It’s emphatic vocals that pledge to “follow You all our days!” definitely matches the music perfectly. And almost on the same note, “Right Now” speaks of worshiping the Lord and shouting His praises right now! I love the high-energy of this set of worship songs.

For the last set of songs, “All I Need” is a timeless declaration of God’s faithfulness, followed by the closing track “Face to Face.” Mostly acoustic guitar and piano, the track daydreams about the glorious day when we will actually be able to see the face of Jesus. It’s a wonderful closing track, and one that accurately depicts the longing that Christians have for that day.

Shake the Nation’s Follow CD is definitely eclectic! With a little worship, and much more upbeat tracks with strong guitars and emphatic vocals, Shake the Nation is an artist that fans of Seventh Day Slumber’s will definitely want to check out. This is an outstanding worship project!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: October 26, 2010

Track listing:
1. The Anthem
2. Undone
3. You
4. Satisfy
5. No Greater Love
6. Hero
7. Be Still
8. Open
9. You Hold Everything
10. How Beautiful
11. Follow
12. Right Now
13. All I Need
14. Face to Face

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