Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movie Review: Veggietales -- "God Loves You Very Much"

“Does God love me?” That’s a question kids often ask their parents, and a question that the veggie kids ask Larry the Cucumber in the latest Veggietales film God Loves You Very Much. Based on Veggietales’ motto since show #1, “God made you special, and He loves you very much,” this is the follow-up to the successful God Made You Special. Featuring three fun Veggietales classics, and an all-new story and sing along, God Loves You Very Much is over 90 minutes of veggie fun, instilling “Sunday morning values” into their young audience.

But in addition to a collection of three great Veggietales classics on one DVD, this new Veggietales DVD does something else: All three Bible story retellings help children to see just how much God really does love them! They tell the stories of Bible characters who persevered and learned to have faith in God during their trials and saw God come through for them. And in the introduction, we hear the excellent, but humorous new “story-song” “Does God Love Me?” in which Junior and Laura, plus their two adorable veggie friends, get a lesson from Larry the Cucumber in two Scripture verses for them to apply whenever feeling unloved.

And as always, Veggietales is very creative. You know that if you’ve seen the three episodes Rack, Shack and Benny, Gideon: Tuba Warrior¸ or The Ballad of Little Joe that all appear on this DVD, but it appears in the intro as well. Larry the Cucumber paints a picture to show what he thinks of God’s love, while Bob the Tomato prepares for his show idea, “Painting in the Rain.” He even has a yellow umbrella and raincoat! But the “directors,” the French peas, have a different idea –  “Paining on a Train,” both of which they decide to test. We see “screen tests” at the end of the film that were quite hilarious. And of course, every viewer, even older folks will get a hearty laugh or two out of these great Veggietales shows!

So all in all, God Loves You Very Much is a wonderful collection of three classic shows plus the wonderful intro, all of which show kids that God loves them unconditionally, no matter if they “dirty up their clothes or forget to blow their nose, or don’t listen to their dads”! It’s a great show, and you can’t beat sitting down and watching 90 minutes of veggie fun!

Releases December 26th, 2011. Check out for more info!

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