Monday, November 21, 2011

Soul Sister Sally: Ready to Go Review

I think I speak for all of Casting Crowns fans when I say that we were disappointed with the news that drummer Andy Williams was stepping down from the band. Brian Scoggins replaced him, and Casting Crowns has since released two more critically-acclaimed albums. But good news for fans of Andy’s – he’s in another band! It’s called Soul Sister Sally, an Indie band that also features his wife Kelly and two other members. The band surely has much to offer, especially lyrically, but the fun music and the strong vocals all combine very nicely in Soul Sister Sally’s debut Ready to Go.

The energetic “Fly” with plenty of lead guitar, opens the album, a prayer that we would be able to fly and soar with God. Following, “Perfection” has a swing rock feel, but the highlight is definitely the Scripture-rich lyrics that remind us that though life is not perfect, God promises to lead us and guide us through it all: “You’re life may not be perfect/ He never promised that it would/ He only said ‘Let Me direct it/ I’ll make it work out like it should…’”

With desperate lyrics, “Day 3” is a prayer for restoration, while the slightly mellower “Just a Girl” is very comparable to Addison Road – similar vocals, music, and lyrics of being someone in progress who desires to change the world. “Neverland” has soft vocals that make its sereneness a standout, as its peaceful lyrics speak of being in total peace with God one day in Heaven: “Neverland, joy will never end in neverland/ old is just a word in neverland/ laugh until you can’t breathe/ sing until you can’t speak/ run until you fall asleep in Neverland.”

The rocking “Brilliant Life” addresses the fact that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us, and we have one chance to do things right, while “Vain” speaks of the battle between us wanting more of God and wanting control over our life. It then makes a decision in the bridge: “As I look into the mirror, I’m disgusted at my face/ I want to be just life You, so I learned about Your grace.”

And for all those who pretend to be something they’re not, “Unmask Me” is an encouraging prayer also set to fun Indie music. It asks God to reveal to us what He really wants for us to be, and what we could be if we were to live freely. “Torn” speaks of needing healing from brokenness and longing to be free, while the album closes with “Moment,” which encourages the listener to spend every minute wisely: ”And I know You care about the way I live and how I spend my time/ Life is a breath, with every one I take, another moment’s gone, another chance to live. “

I’m not always a big fan of Indie rock, but Soul Sister Sally is an exception! It’s definitely great to know that Andy Williams from Casting Crowns is a part of this band, but also highlights are the exceptional lyrics, strong vocals, and definitely the fun music! This is a great project!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 1, 2011

Track listing:
1. Fly
2. Perfection
3. Day 3
4. Just a Girl
5. Neverland
6. Brilliant Life
7. Vain
8. Unmask Me
9. Torn
10. A Moment

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