Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seventh Day Slumber: The Anthem of Angels Review

Seventh Day Slumber is one awesome Christian rock band! It’s one thing that they don’t shy away from boldly presenting the gospel through their strong rock, but it’s another that they offer healing for the broken heart in Jesus. And after a successful lineup of albums, Seventh Day Slumber resorts to what they are known for best – heartfelt worship with a slight mix of grunge. It’s these elements that compose the band’s latest album, The Anthem of Angels.

The beautiful piano adds to the haunting opening of “Wasted Life,” which soon explodes into a heavy rock track with very catchy grunge guitars. Of course, Joseph Rojas’ unique and manly vocals are an immediate sensation, as he sings with his band of the wasted life we were all heading, until Christ rescued us: “A wasted life was the road that I was on/ I was running blind into the unknown/ just in the nick of time/ You found me at my worse and brought me home.” Everything about this opening track is perfect – it may even be hard for the diehard fan to switch to the next track!

The awesome radio single “Love Came Down” takes its place next, an anthem highlighting the love of God and how nothing compares. It’s a song like this that find Seventh Day Slumber at their best – a very nice combination of worship and rock, plus lyrics that are easily memorable and will have the listener singing along in no time. On the same note, except a little more serious lyrically, “One Mistake” talks about our tendency to feel guilty and like we are only one mistake away from being thrown out of grace. It definitely resonates with the listeners, especially the phenomenal bridge, that describes how God wraps His arms around us and calls us beloved and we are not just one mistake away. It also goes a step further to remind the listener that, in line with God’s Word, He will lead us every day into the person He desires for us to be.

“Addicted to My Pain” is another fine example of the adrenaline presented in Seventh Day Slumber’s music. First beginning with piano, and then turning into a track that is totally upbeat, Joseph’s strong vocals present the predicament of desiring to hold on to our pain while crying out for change. “Never Too Far Gone” also addresses our shortcomings, reminding us that God’s mercy for us is unending.

And while “Pieces” is an upbeat prayer for God to take the pieces of our life and make us whole, “Crash” speaks of the desire to dive into the presence of God and know Him like no other.  “Back Where I Began” slows down a bit, but is a very heartfelt worship song, lamenting our troubles, and daydreaming of the day when we are found in the arms of God and see Him as He is. Honestly, as I can totally relate to the message of this track, Seventh Day Slumber did a fantastic job of relaying this message through their music.

“Knows My Name” rocks, but also offers immense encouragement in the fact that all of heaven knows our name, while “My Life,” full of catchy guitar riffs, is a song of thanksgiving just for life. And lastly, the band’s version of the modern-day hymn “How He Loves” follows. It’s not much different from the popularized David Crowder Band version, but its definitely great to hear Seventh Day Cover such a wonderful worship anthem, and it serves as a great follow up for their previous worship album.

I cannot say it enough – The Anthem of Angels is a phenomenal album! It’s not very often we hear a rock album that keeps the focus on God while delivering awesome, rocking tracks. The heartfelt and relatable lyrics, plus lead singer Joseph Rojas’ vocals are an added bonus!

Rating: 4.5/5 
Release date: November 15, 2011

Track listing:
1. Wasted Life
2. Love Came Down
3. One Mistake
4. Addicted to My Pain
5. Never Too Far Gone
6. Pieces
7. Crash
8. Back Where I Began
9. Knows My Name
10. Life
11. How He Loves

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  1. Good album review I liked it. Looking forward to getting it as soon as I can. I loved the album preview for it on NRT as it was real awesome album and I loved it.

    Seventh Day Slumber rocks!!!!!!!!


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