Sunday, November 6, 2011

Newsboys: God's Not Dead Review

Newsboys have been planning another worship project ever since Michael Tait took over the role of lead singer back in 2009. And now, following the success of their runaway Born Again album, God’s Not Dead is a bold declaration that Jesus Christ is alive and changing lives each day! Tossing pop, rock, and worship into the melting pot, the Newsboys’ latest twelve-track album is complete with a few originals as well as some popular worship anthems.

Michael Tait’s soft vocals break the silence with “The King is Coming,” which soon builds into a track very much like what you would expect from the Newsboys. Speaking from Old Testament prophecies, we are encouraged to “open up the doors, our King is coming.” Clearly, the Newsboys know how to deliver powerful worship anthems. The title track quickly follows suite, bringing in guest vocal talent from Kevin Max. This Daniel Bashta worship track was covered surprisingly excellent from Newsboys, especially by the power that Michael Tail knows how to throw in when needed. However, besides his background vocals, you wouldn’t even notice Kevin Max if you didn’t know he was in this track, but he does have a role later in the album, with the closing track “I Am Second.”

“Your Love Never Fails” isn’t a track I would have expected Newsboys to do that great of a job covering, but it didn’t turn out bad by any means! In fact, the more fun twist added by the jumpy pop and the enthusiastic “ooohs” during the breaks combined well. “Here We Stand,” an upbeat cry for more of God and standing in awe of His presence and “Savior of the World” also follow, both declaring the majesty of God.

With a strong string intro, “Forever Reign” follows, at first sounding a bit weak, but building very quickly into the worship song we’ve come to know and love from Hillsong. Following, “More Than Enough” could totally be a Christmas track, speaking of the day when love was born, and celebrating the fact that Jesus is more than enough to meet all of our needs.

The beloved Gateway Worship anthem “Revelation Song” follows a bit stronger than the original, though in my opinion, wasn’t the best track on the album – certainly not bad, though. “Pouring it Out For You” is a steady track of surrender, exclaiming that we cannot get enough of God, after which comes “Mighty To Save,” the same track from Born Again. Personally, I thought that was a bit cheap, but it’s still a fantastic track, and probably the best rendition I’ve heard of that song yet. :)

With an acoustic beginning and a fun whistling intro, “All the Way” is easily one of the best tracks off God’s Not Dead, a track that uses a bit of repetition to declare a heartfelt desire for God to have complete control over our lives: “We’re going all the way/ we’re going to walk by faith/ giving You everything, everything, everything/ We going all the way!” Finally, the highly energetic “I Am Second,” my number one favorite off Newsboys’ latest worship album, again features Kevin Max, speaking of how “we are second to one,” Jesus Christ. Especially enjoyable from the chorus is the memorable line, “I’m second to One, He’s second to nothing.” After this, Kevin Max jumps in with his flexible vocals that make for a short 2/3 dcTalk reunion. “I Am Second” is a track that will have you playing the album all over again!

I didn’t really know if a worship project was the best move for Newsboys after shocking their fans with the announcement that Peter Furler was stepping down, and then delivering Born Again. But it turns out, it was! They mix the traditional Newsboys sounds with some extra strings and worship to make a superb worship project featuring many of your favorites!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 15, 2011

Track listing:
1. The King is Coming
2. God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)
3. Your Love Never Fails
4. Here We Stand
5. Savior of the World
6. Forever Reign
7. More Than Enough
8. Revelation Song
9. Pouring It Out For You
10. Mighty to Save
11. All the Way
12. I Am Second


  1. Good album review for the new Newsboys worship album. Looking forward to hearing the new album. It is good to see Kevin Max featured on two different songs. It would have been awesome to see tobyMac featured on one or two songs too. Maybe next album for Newsboys then tobyMac will be on there.

  2. I was actually disappointed to see that Kevin Max was on the album. It's a fairly common assumption that DCTalk broke up because Kevin wasn't a Christian. He was kicked out of Liberty University because of drunkenness, and he's openly stated that he feels like "a universalist at heart". And he's teamed up with Amy Grant, who is also doubtfully a true Christian, along with her husband Vince Gill, who is outspokenly not a Christian.

    So I'm not very happy to see Newsboys endorsing Mr. Max. I hope tobyMac shows a little more discernment than Michael Tait.

    But just so that I'm not totally pessimistic, I'll say that I think this album looks very good, so I may have to purchase it sometime!

  3. I REALLY wish I had this CD. "God's Not Dead (Like a Lion)" is such a powerful song. I love the lyrics.


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