Monday, November 28, 2011

Movie Review: Game of Your Life

Proctor & Gamble/Walmart are back with the next installment in the Family Movie Night series, Game of Your Life, airing on NBC Friday, December 2nd at 8 PM (EST!)

In this action-packed film, gamer Zach Taylor receives a scholarship to DIGD, the Digital Institude of Game Design. It appears his dream has come true, until he finds out that the university's freshman project threatens his removal before three month's end -- that is, unless he can manage to pass the test!

Zach soon teams up with Phillip and Donald, his roomates who probably have too many ridiculous arguments on their hands. He also manages to convince an old friend, Sara, to join their team. Sara proves to be quite the leader of the group, as her confidence and boldness hold the team together.

Soon however, trouble breaks out as Zach is offered $10,000 to help a university professor perfect his games. This top secret deal, seeming too good to be true, consumes all of Zach's time and energy, but goes a long way to help him be able to provide for his single dad back at home. Because this prevents him from being able to work on the group's project, and comes against the rules of the university's freshman test, his best friend Sara threatens to remove him from the group unless he gets his act together.

Will Zach get removed from the group and be forced to give up his dream of gaming-design? Will he be able to restore his relationship with his friends and help them pass the near-impossible freshmen test? You'll discover the importance of making the right choices, no matter what the pressure may be.

Game of Your Life is definitely more fast-paced and action-packed than most of the previous Family Movie Nights, making for an exciting film! The choice of characters for the film was perfect as well, especially the awkward roomates Zach has to put up with, Phillip and Donald. Their childish behavior is at times ridiculous and other times down-right hilarious. They definitely make things unexpected at times!

There's a bit of suspense as well! Viewers of Family Movie Night get a glimpse at what is keeping Zack from making the right choices, while his roomates struggle to find out why he behaves unlike himself.

I also really enjoyed the fact that Zach respected his father's advice half-way through the video. Zach returns home for a bit of time to rethink his actions, and his father encourages him to make the right choices and stand up for his roomates, no matter what that may cost him. Zach took his father's advice to heart, even though it was difficult for him to undue his foolish choices. Not often do you find videos like this that highlight listening to the advice of parents.

So all in all, Game of Your Life is a very exciting, action-packed, family friendly movie, hilarious and suspense-filled. Kudos to Proctor & Gamble/Walmart for another great film! Don't forget to watch the premier on NBC Friday, December 2nd at 8 PM EST! You won't want to miss this one.

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