Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unending Love

This song speaks volumes to me each and every time -- Hillsong's "Unending Love." What's a song that speaks to you whenever you hear it?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDIuFrdKiXg?rel=0]


  1. Gee, songs that always speak to me? That's hard. I love music, so I have a lot, but I'll try to narrow it down.

    Background by Lecrae always gets my priorities straight, reminding me that I should never be trying to run my life, but should always be letting God "take the lead."

    Every Time You Run by Manafest deeply touches me every time I hear it, reminding me that no matter how far I stray, God's got me in His hands, and He's right here with me. I can always run right back to Him and repent for my sin, and He will forgive me.

    Dark Night of the Soul by Shai Linne is a great, theologically deep song that is appropriate to listen to whenever I'm feeling depressed. Coupled together with his song My Portion, I am always reminded that no matter how bad I'm feeling, I will always have a Father in Heaven Who is worth more than any of the temporary this of this world that get me down.

    Unbreakable by Fireflight is one that is great because it has a wonderful message, and yet sounds awesome at the same time.

    I Feel So Good by KJ-52 is then a great song to finish out with after listening to some of those above ones, because it praises God for all that He has done to make us "feel so good."

    As you can see, I'm a big fan of hip-hop, and my rapping brothers in Christ always get me in a good mood. :D

  2. I like Hillsong songs cuz they're sound and easy to follow. Hmmm... one song... well one would have to be "And Can It Be." Always knocks the breath out of me.

  3. I will be checking out that song as soong as I can since I love Hillsong a lot. I would say a song that speaks to me a lot is City On Our Knees by tobyMac. It is a good reminder song for me to be in prayer to God for the city where I live to be a city on the knees for God. That is what that tobyMac song does for me to pray that Christians in the city I live in will be on their knees for God since they love Him so much. But that also my prayer the other cities and towns out there that they would be a on city on their knees for God. I hope it encourages you too.


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