Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shane & Shane: The One You Need Review

You may remember Shane & Shane from their hit singles “Mercy Reigns,” “Be Near,” or their cover of “He is Exalted,” but after a two year hiatus, the duet returns with their debut project on Fairtrade Services (formerly known as INO Records). Because of Shane & Shane’s new role as worship pastors at their local church, and because of the growth of their families, The One You Need focuses on seeing broken people healed as well as the desire to be the best father one can be, through the lead single and title track.

The acoustic pop track “Liberty” opens up The One You Need with a reminder straight from 2 Corinthians 3:17 – “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Not only is the track almost 100% Scriptural, it builds nicely by the chorus, and even contains a second verse about reminding Satan of his destiny and that we are free – definitely a wonderful beginning to Shane & Shane’s latest project. Next comes “Your Love,” made gorgeous by the strong strings and also by the timeless lyrics of God’s perfect love for us. Of course, the stunning harmonies are a highlight as well!

“Without You,” a more contemporary track, mostly enjoyable for its overlapping vocals and harmonies, also has stunning lyrics about being surrounded by the presence of God, and not wanting to be anywhere other than with Him. A very fun acoustic pop track, “Future Version” is quite encouraging, reminding us that, regardless of our actions, God will love us with amazing grace. The bridge is really fun and catchy, adding a gospel twist, and there is also an addicting instrumental at the end of the track with lead guitars.

“Because He’s God” talks about the way of salvation, the narrow road, and how we can know we’re saved. Yes, it’s very deep lyrically, but it’s also quite high melodically in certain parts, making for a very enjoyable listen. It’s also great to hear Shane & Shane’s choral effects and harmonies that are definitely one of the band’s most beloved aspects. Following is the lead single, “The One You Need,” which, I believe, perfectly crafts a father’s desires for his children into a wonderful song speaking of the desire to be everything your child needs, but knowing that “Jesus is the one they need.” It’s not surprising to see this track go places – it’s poignant and gorgeous.

“Miracle” speaks of not needing a miracle, but just simply needing Jesus with us every step of the way while the very melodic, “Victory” states that God’s love has given us the victory. The constant strumming guitars make this track irresistibly catchy! “Running to You,” on the slower side of things with more piano, speaks of giving up everything and running to Christ in sweet surrender, while “Grace is Sufficient” is a touching track based on 1 Corinthians 12, reminding us that God’s grace is sufficient in our weakness.

Numbers 6:24 is the inspiration for “Lift Up the Light,” but it also speaks of how Jesus Christ is the light of the world. It builds into a strong and extremely worshipful track by the chorus, sounding much like you would expect from CCM artist Matthew West. Ending The One You Need comes the soft and harmonic “Praise Him,” reminding the listener to praise Jesus in the good times and bad, and putting a gorgeous ending to Shane & Shane’s latest project.

Was it worth a two year wait for new music from Shane & Shane? Most definitely! The One You Need is a stellar project with encouraging and heart-felt lyrics, catchy acoustic worship, and stunning harmonies. This is definitely Shane & Shane’s best work to date!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: October 4, 2011

Track listing:
1. Liberty
2. Your Love
3. Without You
4. Future Version
5. Because He’s God
6. The One You Need
7. Miracle
8. Victory
9. Running to You
10. Grace is Sufficient
11. Lift Up the Light
12. Praise Him

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